Draft Prospect Watch: CB Janoris Jenkins

   By: Justin Wages

To Do List:

  • Patch up RB position
  • Draft Rookie OL
  • Sure Up the Secondary

Lets get things straight here. We have at least a temporary fix at the Running Back Position. We Drafted an Offensive Lineman last year to help carry the load. Now what’s our main priority? You guessed it… Secondary. We had Old Man Newman anchoring the squad, with Mike Jenkins and I Can’t Stop A. Ball, last year.

Safeties are OK but not stellar, G, I Sensetheball and Elam should hold up this year.

But who’s this? Only Janoris Jenkins, on the horizon. There are some drawbacks though…

He’s a 5-foot-10 CB from North Alabama, is hoping his reputation is not hurt by his troubled past. It’s an interesting case. Jenkins is one of the draft’s most talented CB’s with no doubt first-round talent. But he possibly could fall down to the second round, because teams must decide if he has matured, or if he has simply learned to say that he has. He been arrested on several occasions and failed multiple college drug tests. But that’s just how many people in college roll. I believe that he still has time to turn everything around and become a dominating Corner in the NFL, but that’s just my opinion cough, cough Jerry Jones.