By: Brandon Beasley

With the 2012 NFL Draft mere months away, millions of diehard Dallas Cowboys fans are wondering who Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones will be selecting with the overall 14th pick?

If I was the General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys I would draft Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe in a heartbeat, but we all know Jerry Jones sits on his brain and thinks with his butt. 

With all jokes aside really the Dallas Cowboys scouting department must hit with every draft pick this year because the Super Bowl window is closing for Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Jay Ratliff, and DeMarcus Ware.

Plus, Jerry you owe it to us the hard-working Dallas Cowboys fans nationwide who spend their hard earn money buying your merchandise and tickets to put a winning  product on the field. 


The clock is ticking Mr. Jones…….