Proposed NFL Rule Changes

These are some of the proposed rule changes the NFL’s Competition Committee announced.

  • Instant replay would be reviewed by the booth official, no longer the referee on the field.
  • All turnovers automatically would be reviewed upstairs, just like all scoring plays are now.
  • The new postseason overtime rules would be instituted in the regular season.
  • In the playoffs, both teams now get an offensive possession unless the receiving team scores a touchdown on the first series.
  • Expansion of the defenseless player rule would protect defensive players against crack-back blocks.
  • An injured reserve exception for a major injury to a player.
  • If that player is on the roster for Week 1, he would be eligible to return to practice six weeks later and play in a game eight weeks later.
  • Extending the trade deadline by two weeks, from Week 6 to Week 8.
  • Expanding training camp rosters from 80 to 90 players, with unsigned draft picks counting toward the total. 

Source: NFL.Com