2012 Draft Needs Pt.2

In part 1 of our 4 part draft needs series we noted that the Dallas Cowboys need to draft a pass rusher to line up opposite of DeMarcus Ware to increase the Cowboys atrocious pass rush.

My answer was to that problem was to draft the All-American Defensive End/OLB Vinny Curry around the 2nd round.

Number 2 on my list of draft needs for the 2012 season is….

We must draft a true nose tackle in the 4th to 7th round this year. A nose tackle who can stop the run and that can eat up space where our linebacker can move in space and make plays. 

Dont misunderstand me I’m not saying get rid of Jay Ratliff (not at all.) I just feel that at this point and time Ratliff is more suited for the defensive end spot for two reasons.

Reason 1: We saw to many times last season that the Cowboys couldn’t generate enough pressure or create turnovers against top-tier teams in big stage moments with moving Ratliff to DE it increase the chance for the Cowboys to do both.

Reason 2: It will help improve Ratliff’s over all play because not he’s not constantly facing double teams and it will bolster our defensive line rotation also.

Just think about it its 3 down and 7 with 1:55 left in the game and the Cowboys need that one crucial stop to end the game and you have Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware on one side coming on a full-out blitz who is the offensive line going to double? You double Ratliff and you let Ware loose to cause havoc or vise versa.  This is a move the Cowboys must address this draft.

Who will possibly be available in the later rounds for the Cowboys to draft at nose tackle.

Brandon Thompson #98- 6’2, 314 pounds (Clemson)

Alameda Ta’amu #74- 6’3, 337 pounds (Washington)

Josh Chapman #99- 6’1, 316 pounds (Alabama)

Hebron Fangupo #91- 6’1, 323 pounds (BYU)

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