Draft Breakdown: Matt Johnson

4th round/40th pick/135th overall


 “Guys who can defend the deep part of the field are secondary coaches’ friends. I like those guys. Guys who get interceptions, I like. He’s one of those guys. He’s proved he can do that.”- Cowboys secondary coach Jerome Henderson

Pros: Smart player with good football skills. Great Work ethic. He is a play maker with 17 career interceptions at Eastern Washington.

Cons: Durability concerns
My Opinion

Our secondary is in need of playmakers desperately and at times last season the Cowboys secondary looked slow and confused.

The 6-2, 220 pound All American Matt Johnson might be the spark our secondary needs. At Eastern Washington Johnson had 341 career tackles and 17 interceptions in FCS (NCAA Football Championship Subdivision). If he is half the player he was at Eastern Washington the Cowboys might have found their younger and more athletic replacement for Gerald Sensabaugh at the safety position.

One thing about Johnson that caught my eye is he reminds me of a young John Lynch of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers both are around the same height and weight. Lynch had a knack for always being around the ball making plays and judging from the above highlights Johnson seems to have the same make up but only time will tell.


TrueBlueNation Draft Grade: B+

Sources: CBS Sports.com, Dallas Cowboys.com