Salary Cap Hearing May 10

Mark your calendar Cowboys Fans!

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins will have their first hearing tomorrow on May 10 in the case of the $46 million in cap space that the NFL stripped away from both teams on March 13th.

A few months ago the NFL league offices fined the Cowboys and Redskins for front-loading contracts during the uncapped 2010 season.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the hearing will proceed without witnesses or evidence, focusing instead on jurisdictional issues, such as whether the Cowboys and Redskins have any rights at all, given that the NFLPA agreed to the removal of the cap space.  It seems, then, that the hearing will focus on the motion to dismiss that the NFL filed in response to the grievance, which contends that the NFLPA’s agreement to the cap penalties prevents the teams from attacking it.