Emmitt Smith worries about his long term health


In the wake of Junior Seau’s untimely death and the massive head injuries lawsuits mounting against the NFL daily.

The Dallas Cowboys Ring Of Honor/Hall of Fame running back admits that he worries about the toll his lengthy career might have taken on his mind and body.

“Why wouldn’t I worry,” Smith said told the Fort Worth Star Telegram. “The evidence is starting to pile up. You are talking to a guy who carried the ball more than anybody in NFL history. So why wouldn’t I worry. I pray about it.”


“I don’t know all the details around his death which outside of the suicide speculation which I guess is a good assessment,” Smith said. “What you don’t know is what Junior was going through. You never know what another person is going through a lot of people on twitter and elsewhere want to know how a make that much be depressed and commit suicide.”

For more on this story: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/cowboys/2012/05/hof-running-back-emmitt-smith-admits-he-worries-if-the-hits-he-took-will-take-a-toll-on-him-one-day.html