The Triplets: Where Are They Now?


Let us take a trip back to the Glory Days of Dallas, back when we steamrolled the Bills for 2 straight years, back when we (almost) could have had 4 NFL Championships in a row.

Who made that team legendary? Role Players, yes, you could say that… but DO NOT forget about the 3-Headed BEAST of Aikman, Irvin, and Smith.

What did we have after that? Carter, Bickerstaff, and Galloway… NO WHERE NEAR our 90’s talent… Now we have Romo, Murray, and Bryant, a step up from the earlier 2000’s, but still not even touching the Triplets.

What are these (once) astonishing athletes doing now? Lets find out…

QB #8- TROY AIKMAN– If you didn’t know, Troy is one of the Heavily used Fox NFL Play-by-Play broadcasters. BUT… you probably wouldn’t have guessed that he is a Partial owner of the MLB’s San Diego Padres. He also endorses Rent-a-Center along with Hulk Hogan.

RB #22- EMMITT SMITH– Emmitt has written a few books and is investing his money… maybe playing a bit of poker. Endorses Just For Men with Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier.

WR #88- MICHAEL IRVIN– Michael does co-hosts a lot of shows on NFL Network and mentors Young and Budding NFL hopefuls. Sometimes Endorses Nike.