Cowboys sign three draft picks


Nick Eatman of Dallas reports that the Cowboys have signed three of the seven rookies and should have all of them, including first-round pick Morris Claiborne completed by the end of the week.

But the Cowboys appear to be starting backwards, signing their last three picks on Monday.

Fifth-round wide receiver Danny Coale (152nd overall) signed his contract, as did sixth-round tight end James Hanna (186th) and seventh-rounder Caleb McSurdy (222nd).

That leaves Claiborne, the sixth overall pick, third-round defensive end Tyrone Crawford (81st) and two fourth-round picks, Kyle Wilber (113th) and Matt Johnson (135th), left to sign.

With the entire team expected to be here this week with the mandatory minicamp (Tuesday to Thursday), the Cowboys are likely to get all of the players signed up before they depart on Thursday.

With the new CBA rules from last year, the rookies are slotted with their salaries and contract structure more than ever. Even signing guys like Claiborne won’t be as difficult.


Source: Dallas