Jerry Jones: We support Dez Bryant

In spite of the arrest, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently indicated that he believes the organization’s best option is to throw its support behind Bryant and commit to him, rather than turn its back on the 23-year-old receiver when he needs his team the most. After all, Bryant worked his tail off this offseason.

 Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is on board with Jones’ approach, and suggested that Bryant deserves due process before guilt is presumed in regard to the arrest.

 “None of us are directly involved in what’s going on with his life,” Romo explained. “So everyone, the speculation, the articles and things that are written are just people that are guessing. And they’re going to have their opinions based on it, but no one knows exactly the way Dez grew up, the way that things have shaped his life and his difficulties.

“… Friends and your team don’t leave you during those moments. They come back and they tell you that we’re here for you. Our football team is a close-knit team, and these moments should show that.”