Top 100 NFL Players List

Fox Sports.Com has complied a list of their top 100 NFL Players. This is how Fox Sports made their list. They asked three key questions.

1. Which player would I rather have on my team?  2. Which player would make the most impact on my team? 3. Which player will be the best in 2012, specifically?

Some other considerations to keep in mind: Incoming rookies are not eligible. Stats matter, but only to a certain point. Injuries weren’t a game-breaker. Long-term future or career accolades don’t matter here — this season does.

Click here to view the NFL’s Top 100 players: 100-51.

Dallas Cowboys that made the list so far:

No.68- Tyron Smith, OT

No.67- Tony Romo, QB

No.58- Jason Witten, TE