Caleb McSurdy Will Undergo Surgery Friday

Dallas Cowboys 7th round rookie linebacker from Montana Caleb McSurdy was carted off the field yesterday with a torn Achilles tendon he ruptured during practice. He will undergo surgery this Friday.

While his recovery will be a long and difficult one, it’s not impossible, according to head coach Jason Garrett.

“It is a tough injury,” Garrett said. “One of the things that young players, and really all players need to understand is all they can do is control what they can control. In his case, go get the surgery. Do exactly what our trainers and our medical people say in terms of his rehab and understand that you’re going to be back. And you want to be back as good as you can be as good as you can be and as good as you were when you got hurt. He’s the kind of kid who’s very conscience. We expect him to do that.


Source: Dallas