Tony Romo to see more playing time

Will this be the year Romo leads the Cowboys over the hump?

Despite the laundry list of injuries the Dallas Cowboys are having this pre season. Coach Garrett said Cowboys QB Tony Romo will see more playing time versus the San Diego Chargers this Saturday.

“We never want to put a player out where he’s in a precarious situation,” Garrett said. “We don’t think we’re doing that with Tony. Tony has to get himself ready to play. He played 11 snaps in the first game. We’ll probably inch that up a little bit to give him some more opportunities depending on how it goes. We certainly wouldn’t put him out there with people we weren’t comfortable with blocking in front of him. I think the issues with the skill guys, Witten and Miles, those are just opportunities for the other guys to play. So we’re excited to see how they play, play up to, so to speak, a third guy playing with the twos, a second guy playing with the ones, and see how they respond.”

Source: ESPN Dallas