Letter to Jerry Jones

Dear Jerry Jones,

As a result of many years of broken promises you have made to the Dallas Cowboys fan base we are severely frustrated season after season of watching a terrible product you chose to put on the field, this is a disgrace.  

What have you done to “America’s Team” my beloved Dallas Cowboys?

Mr. Jones I have been a Cowboys fan my entire life. I was born in a small East Texas town population 5,000 called Gilmer, Texas in 1979, where I was taught to live and breathe any and everything Dallas Cowboys by my grandmother.  Till this day our family talks about her and her love for the Dallas Cowboys.  I grew up in a family full of Dallas Cowboys fans my parents, brothers, uncles, and cousins. I remember like it was yesterday my family’s Sunday morning routine it was church, then going to my grandparents’ house to eat Sunday dinner, and ending the day watching our Dallas Cowboys play.  Now as a husband and father I have passed on this Cowboys family legacy, my daughter and son cry over a loss and want to know why we like this team, I keep telling them about the rich history of this once proud organization, but like me and other frustrated fans history can only last for so long.

Starting my Dallas Cowboys fan club was one of my proudest accomplishments TrueBlueNation and being featured in the Dallas Cowboys Star magazine made all my hard work worth it.    

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan it saddens me to see how far you have buried our organization, our team standards, and our team image.  Jerry, you have turned my beloved Dallas Cowboys into the laughing-stock of the NFL and into a weekly punch line on all the NFL pre game shows.

This is a blemish to the Cowboys legends of the past like Bob Lilly, the great Coach Tom Landry, and Coach Jimmy Johnson to have an owner who has lost the majority of his own fan base and has made a mockery of his own brand. Jerry it seems you only care for the money and endorsements more than having the internal drive to change the trajectory of the Dallas Cowboys into a winning team.  Jerry this will not do you are losing us and you have been put on notice.

I want to feel pride again in my Dallas Cowboys football team. Seeing a football team on the field that plays with heart, determination, grit and a hunger for the game is what I fell in love with as a child. I haven’t had a reason to feel that pride in quite a long time.

No one is bigger than the Star Mr. Jones not even you!





  1. Well said. I’m tired of our team being the laughing stock of the NFL too! We definitely need a new General Manager/Owner because this type of behavior is getting old!


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