My Top 10 Reasons why I dislike the Philadelphia Eagles

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles rivalry one word always comes up and that word is “Hate”.  They hate us, We hate them. One of my twitter followers told me that hate was to harsh of a word to use so I will be the nice guy for once (evil grin on my face).  This my top ten list on why I dislike (hate) the Philadelphia Eagles.

10. DeSean Jackson: Is an arrogant little prick. Simple as that. Only if the Cowboys had a safety like Darren Woodson or a Roy Williams that would punish Jackson if he dared to come across the middle of the field.

9. Eagles fan throws up on a Dallas Cowboys fan car. Class!

8. Philadelphia Eagles fans throws snowballs at Santa Claus at an Eagles game. Its Santa Claus people.

7. January 7, 2010: Philadelphia Eagles reporter Dave Spadaro videotaped himself spitting on the Dallas Cowboys Star at Cowboys Stadium.

6. Micheal Vick: I think he is a highly overrated turnover machine. That’s putting it nicely.

5. Bounty Bowls: Eagles coach Buddy Ryan (Father of current Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan) “allegedly” placed bounties on the heads of Cowboys players Hall of Famer Troy Aikman and kicker Luis Zendejas.

4. January, 2010: A woman wearing a Troy Aikman jersey in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was slashed across the face by two men wearing Philadelphia Eagles gear.

3. A woman wearing a Tony Romo Cowboys jersey was attacked by two men wearing Eagles jerseys. One word Cowards.

2. Their Fans. What can I say about the eagles fans that has not been said already? Really?

1. October 10, 1999: Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin suffers a spinal cord injury at Veterans Stadium that would end his career. Irvin was strapped on a stretcher and carted off as the Philadelphia Eagles fans cheered.

What would you have put on your top ten list on why you hate the Philadelphia Eagles? Submit your top ten list to The best top 10 list will be posted on our blog.

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