Dallas Cowboys Fans Interview Series Part 1

Dallas Cowboys

America’s Team” is a popular nickname in the United States that refers to the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. The nickname originated with the team’s 1978 highlight film, where the narrator opens with the following introduction:

“They appear on television so often that their faces are as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team”.-Wikipedia

I would like to take the time to highlight some of the awesome #CowboysNation fans out there that makes this fan-base so great. Who truly bleed Blue and Silver 24/7 365.

This is the first interview in the TrueBlueNation “America’s Team” Fan Interview Series. The series will feature interviews with many die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans locally and world-wide. I’m so excited to present our TrueBlueNation readers with our first interview: TxShelbyTx

Q: If you don’t mind can you tell my TrueBlueNation readers a little about yourself?     

A: I’m a mom, wife, and a Cowboys Fan for life! I was voted “Most Electrifying Cowboys Fan” a couple of years ago and recently inducted into the Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. 

I am known as the ‘Ultimate Fan of the Fans’ because of my respect for all fan-bases but most people know me by the Blue Star hat I wear everywhere.


Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I’m always looking for ways to help make the community better so I am usually either helping to plan a charity event, attending one or helping to promote one.  I believe community involvement is very important.  My second favorite thing is helping fans who are making plans to visit the area for a game.

I hope to help them make the most of  their trip. Beyond that, I am watching football, planning my next fantasy football win or just spending time with family and friends.


Q: How long have you been a Dallas Cowboys Fan? Are you a season ticket owner?  (If so for how long?)

A: Yes. I am a proud Season Ticket Holder!  It was priority one when we moved to the area about eight years ago.  I have been a Cowboys fan as long as my memory serves and I first verbally shared my passion for the Cowboys while giving some friends a hard time as the Bears was doing the ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’.


Q: Who is your All-Time favorite Dallas Cowboys player and why?

A: My All-Time favorite player would be Roger Staubach but I’m also a big fan of all of our Hall of Famers, Ring of Honor athletes, and several other players I feel are deserving of either honor.

Q: Who is your favorite current Dallas Cowboys player and why?

A: My favorite current player is Jason Witten. Not only is he very fan-friendly, he is also very involved in the community.  I have a huge appreciation for him on and off the field.


Q: Who was your favorite Dallas Cowboys Coach?

A: Hands down, Tom Landry. 

He was wise beyond his years, Coach Landry was innovative and well-respected among those around him. My favorite times spent with Cowboys legends have been when they shared their experiences with Mr. Landry and I’m always moved by how fond each of them were of this legendary coach.


Q: What was your favorite Cowboys moment and why? What was your least favorite moment?

A: “THE CATCH” will forever be my favorite moment. I still hear about that from time to time. There are so many favorites though! Hail Mary, “Defender of the Star”, and Emmitt Smith’s All-Time rushing record… just  to name a few.

Some of my favorite moments don’t always happen on the field or even in relation to players at all.  Being able to spend time with a fellow fan as they take in their very first Cowboys Game – live and in person!

What a huge honor that is to be a part of and it always takes me back to my first time, because of all of those fans who have shared that experience I’ll never take for granted that I live minutes from where so many want to be badly.


Q: If you were the owner of the Dallas Cowboys what would you change or what would you do to change the current direction of the Cowboys organization?

A: I would change the separation between team, organization, and the fans. The teams with a strong bond with their fan base typically has the best home field advantage. The Cowboys are a great road team and I give props to the fan-family who attend those games. I have ideas on how to improve this and hopefully, I will get to share them with someone who can help implement those ideas soon.

Additionally, I think the fans are far more knowledgeable about the team than they get credit for… there should be someone who watches their online voices and encourages them to be vocal in a constructive way.


Q: If you could ask our current owner Jerry Jones anything what would you ask him?     

A: “Hey Jerry!  Would you like a hat?!” HA HA!

Seriously though, I would like to ask him about some of the sound-bites we got early in the season and how we could currently be so far from the encouraging words he gave us all back then.  Oh and my third question would be, “What’s in that kool-aid!?” Only because I chug it year after year. I may have a small addiction to it at this point.


Q: Will the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs this year?

A: I think we have a good chance at it with a few changes. We are not mathematically out of it yet but we’re also not that far away either.  I believe our schedule from here out is a benefit to us but I also know that one bad game can make or break this team. We have to play the rest of the games the way they plan to play  us – like its their Super Bowl.  GO COWBOYS!



Before we end our interview let’s play a little word association…….

Jerry Jones: Business and marketing genius!

Tony Romo: needs protection.

New York Giants: G-men.

Washington Redskins: Who?

Eagles Fans: have a bad rap.

The TrueBlueNation Fan Club would like to thank Shelby for taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down to talk with us. Please visit her website TxShelbyTx and check out her Spirit Star Hat website.

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