Dallas Cowboys Fans Interview Series Part 2: UKCowboysFans

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most recognizable sports franchises in the world. In part 2 of our Dallas Cowboys Fans Interview Series we interview the UKCowboysFans a group of die-hard fans from the United Kingdom. 

Q: Can you tell my TrueBlueNation blog readers a little about yourself and the UKCowboysFans? 

Myself: I am the father of a beautiful 9-year-old girl and I am a massive Cowboys fan from the UK who catches all their games live when it is on our sports channel show otherwise I listen to them on the radio, regardless of the time they kickoff/finish here.
UK Cowboys Fans: UK Cowboys fans was set up almost a year ago with the aim to help Cowboys fans here in the UK keep up to date with news, scores, and all things Cowboys. We set up a Facebook and Twitter page so updates of plays as they happen on game day could be provided should fans be unable to catch the game live, and links could be provided so that news updates were available a the click of a button, saving fans time by not having to search around. Things have really taken off and with over 50 members on the Facebook group and 900 followers on twitter we recently had our first UK Cowboys Fans get together at the Rams/Patriots game at Wembley. The aim is to have regular trips to Cowboys Stadium in the future to cheer the team on.

Q: What made you start following the Dallas Cowboys? How long have you been a Dallas Cowboys Fan?

I have been a Cowboys fan since around 2000, but have been into American Football a lot longer, originally without actually following a team. As my love for the sport grew I knew following a team was a must. The Cowboys were the only team I wanted to know the score of and through that realised that they were the only team for me.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends. I am also a season ticket (with my daughter and a few friends) for the Leeds Rhinos (our local Rugby League team). We follow them home and away no matter have far the trip may take us.

Q: What was your first Dallas Cowboys memory? (Good or Bad)

My first Cowboys memory was rushing to college the day after a game (back then the time difference made it hard to stay up all night to watch a game, when on live here) so that I could get the result before having to go into class.

Q: Who is your All-Time favorite Dallas Cowboys player and why?

Emmitt Smith. He was amazing to watch, and could turn a game in the blink of an eye. Was gutted when he left the team and eventually retired.

Q: Who is your favorite current Dallas Cowboys player?

Jason Witten. This guy is so reliable, and has a great work ethic. Personally I think he is the best all round Tight End currently in the league.

Q: If you could give the Dallas Cowboys team by position a grade what would it be?
Offense: C-
Defense: B-
Sp.Teams: D
Coaching: C-
Front Office: B

Q: If you were in the Dallas Cowboys front office what changes would you make on the team?

I would make everyone who doesn’t have the word “Coach” in their work title take a step back. The Front Office needs to concentrate on what is happening of the field and let the Coaches do what they are paid for and that’s to coach.

Q: Will the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs this year?

I’m going to say yes, although it’s going to be tough. I said at the start of the year we would be 10-6 and in the playoffs, so I’m sticking with that.

Q: Will Jason Garrett be back as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys next year?
I hope so, as I don’t think he’s had enough time in the role, but doubt he will.

With the whole Sean Payton issue, it’s going to be hard for Jerry Jones to let another team take him without making an offer himself.
Word association

Tony Romo: Under-rated.

Jason Garrett: Too cautious at times.

Dallas Cowboys: The best team in the NFL.

Rob Ryan: The right coach for our Defence.

Washington Redskins: Not to be taken lightly.

We would like to thank Jamie and the UKCowboysFans for taking the time to sit down and talk with us at TrueBlueNation Fan Club.