Putting the BIG D back in DALLAS


BY: AY NoLogy

Jerry Jones said a few weeks ago that change will come to Valley Ranch and with the recent firings of running backs coach Skip Peete and ex defensive coordinator Rob Ryan changes are in the making. 

The Dallas Cowboys have hired former Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin to become the 12th defensive coordinator in Dallas Cowboys history. Kiffin, is widely considered to be one of the best defensive coordinators in modern football.   

Here are a few things that I like and dislike about the Dallas Cowboys switching from the 3-4 to the Tampa 2 4-3 defense.

My Dislikes

1. I really felt as though in a 3-4 we were literally just a nose tackle and a play making safety away from having the best defense in the league when we are healthy.

2. We will more than likely lose Anthony Spencer. It is not worth breaking bank on him and not know what you’ll get from him as a defensive end. He earned his money as an outside linebacker and he’ll want his money. Whether he signs elsewhere as a defensive end or outside linebacker with our cap situation we have to let him walk. We don’t have the chips to gamble on his transition.

3. Having effective safety play is a must in order to have an effective Tampa 2/Cover 2 defense, and safety is just not something we can honestly be confident about.

My Likes

1. Hiring coach Kiffin was great for our cornerbacks. They will now be in an effective zone scheme and you will see our guys make plays on the ball like Asante Samuel and Ronde Barber. Especially Morris Claiborne.

2. This is a perfect draft for 4-3 defensive lineman. There are plenty of defensive ends and defensive tackles who can come in and have an immediate impact. We have some serious speed and play making ability at the linebacker and cornerback position. If we can get a young guy who plays hard up front and find our combo at safety we can still become one of the best defenses in the league.

3. They say only an idiot keeps doing the same thing and expects different results. We haven’t had success in the 3-4 for the majority of seasons that we’ve been in it. We’ve always had the right pieces but not the right coach, or the right coach but not the right pieces. So change is a good thing for our future to establish a stable identity and we have the pieces that could work.

Think about it the same six or seven (3-4) coaches keep getting recycled around the league.  No matter who coaches it, its slim pickings to plug the right pieces into the puzzle. If we can keep building on the youth we have now, we can get back to our identity in the 4-3 as a defense that keeps points off of the board and forces turnovers.

Will the hiring of Monte Kiffin be the answer for the defensive side of the ball for the Dallas Cowboys?

Only time will tell……



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