What A Tony Romo Extension Will Mean For Dallas

Tony romo redskins

By Hannah

When Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys officially come to terms with a contract extension, the two will have a little more stability going forward. However, the question is, what will the extension do for the Cowboys as they continue their quest towards a Super Bowl run?

For starters, locking up a quarterback as talented as Romo is imperative for any legitimate contender. Sure, Romo has had his moments in which fans are fed up with him, but the front office, and daily fantasy sports players, know that there is no one currently available who could replace Romo any time soon.

Having a stable quarterbacks will also allow the Cowboys to start building around him and filling in holes. This all goes back to having a franchise quarterback. If free agents know they have a shot to compete, they will continue to come to Dallas to bolster the roster.

Not only is Romo about to get an extension, but the biggest deal for the short-term is the fact that his contract will be restructured a bit. His current cap number is $16.8 million, which really holds back Dallas in pursuing free agents. While no one will know for sure how low it will go, the obvious assumption is that Dallas will free up millions which will allow them to sign free agents and draft picks.

At the end of the day, everyone wins with this extension. Dallas gets to build around their franchise quarterback and add stability to their franchise for the near future. Romo gets security when it comes to getting paid during the prime of his career. Romo and the Cowboys both will enjoy having money to get better protection for Romo when he is in the pocket. All of these should add up to a season that is better than 8-8 at the end of the day.