Time to rant..

Okay Cowboys Nation.. it’s time.

I have patiently sat and stressed over one certain topic that has had Cowboys Nation on the edges of their seats since probably end of the football season, a topic many know about and have care for. What topic is this? Adrian Peterson.

I’ve about had it with this Adrian Peterson talk, he hasn’t been released by the Vikings and may not be. The only reason people have huge passion for this topic is because of a report that came our last season about Jerry and Adrian having a discussion about getting that star on his helmet. Now don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see AP come to Dallas, he would be a great fit and he is a once in a lifetime player. That being said, I am sick of getting my hopes up.. my google search is FULL of Adrian Peterson rumors and news , as a fan .. this is concerning. I look on twitter and daily I see Adrian Peterson NONSENSE , pictures of him in a Cowboys jersey and rumors that simply have no relevance to him becoming a Cowboy.

Cut the crap Cowboys Nation , lets get our hopes up once he is cut or you hear this ” With the 27th overall pick the Dallas Cowboys have traded their pick to the Minnesota Vikings…” or something along those lines. No need stressing as we have a plentiful selection of Running Backs in this years draft that would work great.

You can take it, leave it, or throw it back at me. But it is what it is..