Morales, Victories, or Both?


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Fans of all teams in every sport seem to always want to have their cake and eat it too.

The Cowboys fans are no exception to that and are in some cases the biggest culprit.  We want our team to draft the best players available,  sign the big name free agents, and mostly importantly, win.

We want to see them achieve this while in the mean time making sure we bring in the “right kind of guy” as Coach Garrett loves to preach.  Now I pose you, the fan this very question.  Would you not want your team to win if meant taking risks on players with checkered pasts? I am of the full belief that team chemistry and having the right kind of players on a team is a key component to a teams success.   I can say with absolute certainty that it isn’t the end all be all of successful teams decision making.

As coach Garrett’s father, former Cowboys Scout, Jim Garrett once famously said, “Jerry, this isn’t the Boy Scouts, it’s the NFL.” Truer words have never been spoken and when it comes to winning in the NFL, talent can trump all and give you second, and some times third chances. Cowboys made it evident that they’re in a win now attitude with the highly publicized signing of DE Greg Hardy, and the restructuring move of Tony Romo that can make cap maneuvers for the foreseeable future a bit tougher to manage. It has been Coach Garrett’s philosophy from the beginning to preach about the right kind of guy and the “process” you must follow to be a championship ball club.

The team has gravitated to the idea and has bought in as a whole, with the core of high character guys on the team, and the culture being preached from the coaching staff down to the team leaders, I see a strong core that can withstand players with character issues.

Guys like Romo, Witten, Mincey, and Coach Garrett make me feel better about bringing in players with the pedigree of Rolando McClain, Greg Hardy, Josh Brent and keeping Joseph Randle around.   Being around leaders that do the right thing, with their kind of focus and determination can be contagious and really help galvanize a football team. With Romo’s age, the time is now to put all the chips in the middle of the table. Give everything you got, and do what ever is necessary to win.

The Dallas Cowboys have an opportunity to maximize Tony’s last two or three years and achieve something great. Cowboys clearly feel the same way by taking gambles on players other teams wouldn’t, and by doing so it could mean championships, or dysfunction.

Lets hope for our Cowboys sake it pays off with a trip to Santa Clara. So, you tell me, Morales? Victories? Or is it possible to achieve both?