With the 27th overall pick, the Dallas Cowboys select…

War Room

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With the draft coming up in 15 days, I wanted to briefly go over what I feel are important needs for next year.

Now , all Dallas fans know that we need some serious help with our defense , but we also need a solid running back to fill the void left by he-who-must-not-be-named..

No one will ever replace #29 , but we can create a new addition and possible Cowboy legend if the front office is smart (which they have been recently). Likely, the next pick has already visited Valley Ranch and done some form of work out with coaches.

That being said, I don’t expect any major moves to grab that “other guy” from Minnesota.  There has also, of course, been the rumors speculating adding more depth or strength to this already solid Offensive line but ,who really knows?

The problem I have with mock drafts is that no one actually knows what will happen in the draft, it all comes down to when the team is on the clock, and unless you’re in the war room during that time you’re in “la-la land” with the rest of us. But, it’s fun to look at the possibilities and which players could have the beautiful star on their helmet come kick off.

Now, are the Cowboys going to risk waiting until the second round for a key part of their offense? Maybe, but I doubt it. If this is the case then I would love to see Coleman from Indiana who could be there, as mentioned on DallasCowboys.com he has the speed, power and ability to pick up the blitz to protect Romo which is something *ahem* Murray *ahem* was able to do pretty well.

If Gurley is on the board at 27th, baring a small trade up , I don’t see the Cowboys waiting any longer and then going defensive in the second round.

Should the Cowboys believe they can get the guy they want in the second round, expect a solid defensive player to be picked up at 27.

Someone to help out the crew in our back field, who knows what will happen with Carr, or if Claiborne can stay healthy. Expect to see a Corner Back picked up,  someone like Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest or Marcus Peters from Washington.

Another thing to consider , would the Cowboys want to trade their late first round pick for a handful of other picks? It’s risky and they would need to find someone with the desired picks, but possible. The Cowboys have many holes to fill and need key players to fill those holes after losing plenty in free agency so a move like that could help but I’d still be surprised.

This front office is proving to be very smart, they are obviously going with the “win now” attitude and they continue to focus on that.  Whatever move they make is likely to be a scenario  they have gone over and we have to believe they will be ready when it comes time to make the perfect pick.  I mean, Zack Martin ended up being pretty good after all.

Like I said before, no one really knows what will happen. We are just all ready to hear what ends up happening so we can finally turn our attention to camp and pre season. Hell, we’ve been ready for a new season ever since #DezCaughtIt.


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