What Options Do The Cowboys Have With The 27th Pick?

With a little over 2 weeks and 26 picks before the Cowboys are on the clock, all we as fans can do is speculate what Jerry, Stpehen, and Will McClay may do during this year’s draft.

However, one thing is for certain: The Cowboys have a lot of talented options to work with.

To start off, we should note that, with the exception of QB, any position should be in play at pick 27. The best way for the Cowboys to improve through this year’s draft is to pick the best player available on their draft board.

Much like the 2014 Draft, this draft is very deep. Even much so on the defensive side of the ball. Due to the draft being very deep, the Cowboys can afford to draft the most talented player left on their board, possibly ignoring a need, and not having to give up the opportunity of acquiring one of the most talented and gifted rosters in the NFL.

The one good thing about the particular needs the Cowboys need to address is the fact that they can find a value nearly anywhere in this draft due to the depth this class possesses.

Without further ado, let’s introduce some names that might be called in Chicago when the Cowboy’s are up at pick 27:


  • Todd Gurley RB Georgia

Without a doubt the best offensive player in this draft, Todd Gurley is the perfect fit for the Cowboys at pick 27. That is if he even makes it to pick 27. This 6’1″ 230 lbs. athletic freak of nature was the best offensive player in college football last year until he was suspended for accepting money for signing autographs and tore his ACL.

Regardless, the Cowboys should and most likely will be willing to take a chance on Todd Gurley if he magically falls into their lap come pick 27.


  • Marcus Peters CB Washington 

Marcus Peters is highly regarded as the best corner in the draft. Even Todd McShay regarded him as the best “pure” cover corner in this draft. One of the few red flags he has is his “emotional issues”-as one NFC personnel director calls it. Peters was dismissed from the team by coaches after a sideline argument. Regardless, the Cowboys are known to be very solid with players that have aforementioned “emotional” problems.

Peters has prototypical size that you want in a cornerback. He stands around 6″ tall and just a few pounds short of 200 lbs. His overall play-making ability is too much of a reward to pass up in my opinion. If the Cowboys are able to scoop him up at pick 27, which is highly likely, Cowboy fans should be very ecstatic.


  • Eric Kendricks LB UCLA

Not exactly a dire position of need, Eric Kendricks could bolster the Cowboy’s front 7 immediately. Highly touted as the best linebacker in this draft, Kendricks could be a potential replacement for Rolando McClain in 2016. A Butkus Award winner and a 2nd Team AP All-American, the UCLA linebacker is highly touted as one of the safest picks in this 2015 NFL Draft class. Standing at 6″0′, Kendricks doesn’t have ideal size to be an NFL middle linebacker. However, he makes up for it with his impeccable technique and knack for diagnosing plays.

If Kendricks is available when the Cowboys are up, I believe the Cowboys will choose him if he is the best player available. Kendricks has the tools to make plays in the NFL, even potential to be a perennial Pro Bowler. One fun fact about Kendricks: His brother, Mychal Kendricks, plays linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. That should make for a great story line.


Other Notable Players

  • Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin
  • Owamgebe Odigizuwa OLB UCLA
  • Malcolm Brown DT Texas
  • Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma
  • Byron Jones CB UCONN

If the Dallas Cowboys choose not to trade down, expect one of these eight players mentioned above to be the next Dallas Cowboy.

In all likelihood, the Cowboys will select a player that they have invited to Valley Ranch for a visit.

For a list of the 2015 player invites, click here.


All stats and measurables come from NFL.com