No more mock’s, time for the real deal.

Howdy there Cowboys fans!

Are you sick of all the mock drafts yet!? Tired of the painful wait? Well , the time has arrived and we are several hours away from the 2015 NFL Draft. We finally get to see what this front office will do about addressing very important needs for this Cowboys team.

Let me get something out there really fast. Please , PLEASE … one more time, PLEASE stop saying the Cowboys are going to go 16-0 and PLEASE stop predicting a Super Bowl win before the draft even starts! I agree, this is not the Cowboys we have seen in recent years, this team is different. This team has always been about one thing, finish. This team will take this year one step and one game at a time so there is no need to get too excited and start assuming a perfect year because this team will do no predictions. This team will make smart decisions and stay on track. This team will do the talking on the football field.

Am I saying they won’t do well this year? Absolutely not, I just think it’s silly to start making predictions that strong and we haven’t even started the draft.

So for the sake of our sanity , just stop it. Lets be more reasonable and focus on wins, then playoffs, then a possible shot at the big prize.  One.Step. At. A.Time. That next step is tonight.

That being said, the next step to the return of football has also arrived with the 2015 NFL Draft. We are all excited and  pumped up. We’ve done our research, we’ve done all those silly mock drafts and we’ve exhausted our resources to attempt in getting the pick right.

BUT- consider this. The Cowboys may not even pick in the first round, who’s not to say everyone over in Jerry World will be disappointed to find out we have indeed moved back for additional picks in the 2nd or beyond? Or, consider that we may not have to wait until 10:00 PM CST or later to find out the first pick, we may get to see it earlier than that. There are many possibilities that no one will know until the draft starts tonight.

If the Draft is anything like how Free Agency started this year we are in for a very eventful night.

But I will say one last thing, and I hope many of you take this to heart. No matter WHAT the Cowboys do with or at 27 I will trust this front office with whatever move they make. So should you. They could quite possibly be the best front office in the NFL right now and have not made careless decisions. They have earned my respect and my trust , so regardless of what happens Cowboys, please keep this in mind. Whether we wait until Day 2, we move up for an early pick, or simply take the best available at 27.

Regardless, we remain trustful. We are Cowboys Nation.

Enjoy the 2015 NFL Draft.

Go Cowboys!

Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me.


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