Emmitt sees “One-Two punch” with Dallas Running Backs

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Emmitt Smith spoke to 105.3 the fan in regards to the running back situation looming over the Dallas Cowboys and what he said may just surprise you.

The Cowboys ignored the “running back needs” in this years NFL draft prompting them to stack this defense as that is clearly the main weakness within this team, going back to when they were unable to get to an injured Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game with weak pass rush.

This off season the Cowboys picked up Darren McFadden from Oakland at a cheap rate, and it’s fair to say Oakland does not have what the Cowboys do in the all pro offensive line.

The concern is if McFadden can stay healthy as he had issues in Oakland but he could shine here in Dallas now that he is with a team that can actually *ahem* “just win baby”.

The Cowboys seem ready to go with a running back by committee approach as reported by several insiders and seems to be a solid approach as it works fine with New England as they have proven.

When asked about the combination of McFadden and Randle on 105.3 the fan, Smith replied with:

“And [with backup running back Joseph] Randle, you can have a nice one-two punch. The one thing with McFadden, if he gets some of those running lanes that I saw DeMarco have last year, and it’s on — he can take it to the house.”

This may be the time McFadden has been wanting, where he remains healthy for 16 games and is able to go over 1,000 yards with some other running back help right behind him to help carry the load. Not to mention, McFadden  came from good ‘ole Arkansas and was undeniably incredible when he was there.

There is no denying that the Cowboys front office is being very careful and thrifty. This is not the old Cowboys team or staff, they are making the right moves and not cutting off limbs for players and working with what they have to  make the best team.

Now, it’ll be interesting to  see what this “one – two punch ” can do with this O-Line and what this defense will look like. If they can manage another top 5 offensive year with a top 15 defensive unit ( possibly better) the Cowboys are again a team to watch for.

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