Meet Your Newest Cowboys: Laurence Gibson

Name: Laurence Gibson

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Virginia Tech

Height/Weight: 6-6 / 305

Draft Position: 7th rd, 243rd overall

Draft Profile



Plays with good lateral quickness when asked to zone block. Has enough foot quickness to race to and battle for the edge in run game. Added more than 20 pounds before the 2014 season, and showed improved play strength on tape. Highly intelligent with ability to process and recognize. Does adequate job of rolling hips at contact to create leverage. Manages to seal the edge against pass rushers at the last moment and will push rushers around the arc.


Plays with sloppy hand placement in run and pass. Lacks power to snatch and sustain blocks with consistency. Ducks head into contact, losing sight of target. Plays with some knee stiffness. Struggles to gain much ground with overly tight kick slide and finds himself behind too often. Lacks desired power in lower half as a run blocker. Too excitable and struggles to maintain body composure in space. Still lacks core strength, despite adding weight.