ICYMI: TMZ Catches Up With Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant.

TMZ Sports.com caught up with the Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant and asked the All-Pro receiver a few questions ranging from Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to the recent New England Patriots deflate gate. Check out the video below.

Video Credit: TMZSports



Highlights of the video


Adrian Peterson

Bryant: “I’d Love to Play with Adrian Peterson, That Man’s a Monster!”


You think the Vikings trade Peterson?

Bryant: “The Vikings not letting that happen because if they did the league would know what would happen.”


Patriots deflate gate

Man truthfully, I going to give you my honest opinion. Man the Patriots already won the Super Bowl, let bygones be bygones.


The Catch (vs. Packers)

Bryant:  “Man the world knew it was a catch. I tell you this. Truthfully, Truthfully that’s the only the Cowboys would have lost. They had to overturn some **** like that. You know I’m done. I’m ready for this year.”