June is among us, and Brandon Carr is still here.


A man who fans probably do not have the right amount of respect for is Brandon Carr. At the end of the 2014/2015 season he started playing lights out. No, he has not played to the level of the salary he has made, but he has been solid over the past few years we’ve had him and gets way too much heat than he deserves.

In fact, Carr leads the Cowboys defense in snaps played for 3 straight years. His 3,219 snaps is 877 more than the next guy. He has been consistent in my opinion, and if you want to run him out of Dallas you might want to stop and ask yourself why. If the Cowboys were in a salary cringe, then maybe the front office would have asked him to take a pay cut, instead of being a June 1st cut.

A reporter asked Carr earlier today: “Have the Cowboys talked to you about your contract?”  And Carr replied “You talk to me more about it than they do.” So ultimately thus far, it seems Carr is the ultimate winner this offseason, keeping all his money, unless something unexpected happens. Carr has also talked about being a mentor to Byron Jones, the Cowboys athletic number one overall pick who shows alot of versatility and could probably line up at safety if he was asked to.

That is ultimately a win/win for the Cowboys.

Drafting Byron Jones number one Overall and adding Corey White this offseason as insurance, along with Morris Claiborne’s recovery, and Scandrick’s break out year, and a young Tyler Patmon who has shown alot of upside, you can guarantee that will motivate Carr to prove everyone wrong and boost his confidence.

Overall, the secondary has been somewhat of a weak spot for the Cowboys looking at all the earlier years, but a good pass rush and alot of competition at the position will bring a spark to the club and make it a fun battle and make everyone better.