Rowdys Thoughts- Dez, Greg Hardy, Hope Solo, And The Eagles (suck)

As we approach the July 15th deadline to get a deal done for arguably the best receiver in the NFL , Cowboys Nation officially needs to take a chill pill. There are many fans out there that are freaking out that Dez will hold out and miss 1-10 games to prove a point about his contract situation.

This will not happen. Everyone take a deep breath and remember that this is part of the business.

The first side to pick up the phone to talk, loses money.

Dez is looking for the “big deal” probably around the $15 million – $16 million a year deal, where the Cowboys sit at around 10-11 million looking at other receivers  in the league. Right now he is set to make 14 million with the tag. Eventually they will meet in the middle, likely at 14$ million a year, 40$million signing bonus.

This is all about testing the market and waiting for someone else to make a move on their main receivers in the league, no one wants to move first and other receivers are holding out as well, we just don’t hear about them.. only Dez, simply because he is the best and is granted the most attention being on Americas team and all.

Everyone chill out! The deal will get done, the NFL is built around not giving into big players, they lose money by doing that and Dez will not want to miss out on $800,000 paychecks for 10 straight weeks, let alone one. The Cowboys have done this before (D. Ware) and they know how this works, TRUST this front office! I have said this so many times over the course of the last two years and they have yet to let me down.. or you for that matter.

Likely we will all be waiting around until July 14th for this to get done, so put your patience pants on and enjoy the ride.

Until then , we wait for the Greg Hardy appeal results, which the NFL seems to be taking their sweet time with to wait until the last-minute. Typically a decision is made by the two-week mark which would have been 6/11/15 , we are almost three weeks in at this point.

Oh.. on a side note, where are all those folks who were hating on the Cowboys signing Greg Hardy that are now ALL OVER Hope Solo saying things like “She must play!!”, weird.. you know she bashed her nephews head into concrete and assaulted his mother as well, right? But of course, she is a female and plays for the national USA women’s soccer team.. so it’s okay, right?

Weird how that works… Well I’ll say this to you since you said it to the Cowboys, if you support Hope Solo then you support Domestic Violence. Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR the USA women’s soccer team , but if you’re gonna say one thing, then apply it to another. Rachel Nichols… Dale Hansen.. and all you other hypocrites out there. 

Meanwhile… the Eagles have officially converted DeMarco Murray into a true Eagles player as he makes his ridiculous remarks about the offensive line, firing shots to the Cowboys already.

DeMarco has no idea what to expect with that Eagles offensive line already falling apart and he  will get a nice load with a Quarterback that doesn’t even have a healthy bone in his body. If there is one thing the NFL teaches people it’s that injury prone players are just that injury prone and their all mighty Chip Kelly continues to ignore that, so we will see how this season goes. Yet NFL analyst continue to rank the Eagles in the top 10, and the Cowboys outside that. But the Cowboys showed them last year ( ranked 22 pre season) and they will do it again this year.

But hey Dez still caught it, and the Eagles still suck.

Those are my current thoughts..

Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me.


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