Dallas Cowboys Opening Press Conference

The Dallas Cowboys kicked off this year’s training camp with their annual opening press conference.

The organization look to ride their momentum from last year. Jerry, Stephen, and Coach Jason Garrett fielded questions from the media in attendance in Oxnard.

You can view the full Dallas Cowboys press conference by clicking this link via Dallas Cowboys.com

Stephen addressed the current Jeremy Mincey contract situation.


Stephen Jones:

“I think it is (disappointing), he is a player who is under contract and we expect all players under contract to be here,” Executive vice president Stephen Jones said Wednesday said. “Jeremy obviously did a great job for us last year, he was a big part of the success on the defensive part of the football and we have nothing but respect for him, but he is under contract, I think he signed that contract last year, his representative was there, he was all for it and he signed it.  

“It’s not a long term contract, it’s over at the end of this year, but we fully expect him to be here and if he’s not obviously there is recourse for us as well, in terms of there will be fines accordingly if he misses camp. It is disappointing, we expect him to be here and we want him to be here.”

Mincey led the Dallas Cowboys in sacks and quarterback pressures last year.  Each day he misses, he will be fined 30,000 dollars.


Mincey’s Deal (1 year left)

Hopefully the two parties can work something out quickly.