Preseason Game 1: Let The Games Begin

Dallas Cowboys fans the time is finally here. Our Cowboys will face the San Diego Chargers in our first preseason game of the year. Below is a list of five players we all should keep an eye on during tonight’s game.

My Five Key Players To Watch Tonight

1. Gus Johnson (Running Back)- Johnson, a Gilmer, Texas native will be the feature back of tonight’s preseason game.  From earlier reports from training camp Johnson is turning heads and could push for an roster spot.

2.  Greg Hardy (Defenisve End)- I am so excited to see what this Dallas Cowboys defensive line will do this season and this man will play a huge role.

3. Randy Gregory (Defenisve End)- 2nd Round draft pick

4. Bryon Jones (Defenisve Back)-  The first round pick

5. Lucky Whitehead (Kick Returner, Special Teams)

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