Rams V. Cowboys Practice

So as many fans know, the Rams and Cowboys had a few scuffles in the joint practices this week.

Just a few quick points…

I saw more cheap shots taken by  the Rams to Cowboys players than anything..

Practices were cancelled for the third day due in part to these fights

I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind all of this, we have a team we are currently trying to keep healthy , why risk being at the bottom of the pile only to re injure your self or a teammate? Who’s not to say Dez ends up with a broken arm or jaw by the end of everything and he’s out for a long period of time, or our offensive/defensive linemen get hurt holding people back…

Now I get it, if some thug takes a cheap shot at one of my guys you know darn well I’ll be one of the first out there but the bottom line is those cheap shots should not have occurred in the first place and everything leading up to each scuffle.

This is a professional sport and each teams needs to act like a professional.

That being said, the Rams must be pretty uptight about how terrible they are to let their emotions get the best of them for some no name to start taking cheap shots into another Cowboys back.

I’m just sayin’…. lay off my team bro.

You mad?

You can take it , leave it, or throw it back at me.


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