Rowdy’s Take on Scandrick injury.

What a huge blow.

Not only is this a terrible situation for Orlando Scandrick, but it’s bad news for Cowboys fans. This is an irreplaceable player that played better than any Corner Back on the team last year and arguably was one of the top guys in the league.

But, before everyone starts to panic you have to find a bright side to these types of situations. 

The Cowboys do have some solid depth at Corner Back. Mo Claiborne will look to fill that void and scouts have been saying his camp this year has looked great and he claims he is healthier than ever, even though we haven’t seen him in a preseason game (but we will wait and see on this one, lets see if he can stay healthy). Tyler Patmon has looked great this year plus we have added Corey White who has looked great in every preseason game yet. Also, don’t forget the newest addition in Byron Jones who is versatile and can fill many spots on the field.

Brandon Carr’s hand injury is also not considered to be serious and could play tomorrow if he had to.

You also want to look at the upgrades to the Defensive Line which will add a pass rush and give much needed relief to the Cowboys secondary. We all know that if you get to the Quarterback then he can’t throw the ball anyways…

With our Linebackers healthy that also gives us some relief , but we will see how that plays out. With a healthy McClain,  Hitchens , and Lee all out there together that is going to be quite the sight to see.

Yes… this is a terrible injury to an incredible guy and player. But this is football, this is a brutal sport where injuries happen and you have to be prepared to take action at anytime for an injury like this.

So, lets just hope that this is the only season ending injury we have for the year. We made it through the Sean Lee injury so lets remain positive so that we can make it through this one as well.

To the Eagles fans trolling/hating/being terrible people that are praising the injury, get a life and find a therapist. Let’s not forget who your Quarterback is and always remember that karma is a B.  This is so typical of this fan base and goes to show why they are the worst fans in the NFL.

Stay positive Cowboys Nation, this isn’t the end of the season for Cowboys Football… but boy is this going to be a wild ride. Strap in.

You can take it, leave it , or through it back at me.