Rowdys Week 1 Prediction

Howdy Cowboys Fans!

The time is almost here, we have all been waiting for football season since “Dez Caught It” in January and Cowboys Nation was robbed of one of the greatest catches of all time.

Not that I’m bitter or anything…

Anyways, we will have to sit through some games to get to Sunday night but at least we are finally back in action!

This coaching staff and front office have had an incredible off season and the team appears to be healthy besides Orlando Scandrick , and everyone is set to play that is eligible. This is a key feature as you will often see teams heading into the first game with a handful of random injuries but this staff has had one thing on their mind and that was health. We want our team healthy for Week 1.

It appears the Giants firework master Jason Pierre-Paul will likely miss the opener after blowing off his fingers on July 4th which does nothing but give an edge to the Dallas Cowboys, they also picked up Jasper Brinkley who was part of the Cowboys off season.. no concern there either.

With all this being said I believe the stage is set for the Cowboys to pick up right where they left off last year which is a strong attack on the offensive side of the ball. We will get a true look at how Randle and McFadden will attack with the running game and possibly create a dynamic duo for running back by committee.

We also gained some strong players on the defensive side of the ball with some fantastic depth at our defensive line which will allow the rotation of players through the game to keep everyone fresh. Once we get Greg Hardy and a healthy ( hopefully ) McCalin back week 4 it will only help. But as of now we seem to have Hitchens back alongside a healthy Sean Lee and I expect big things from Brandon Carr and hope to see Claiborne step up as well.

This game of course will not be easy, but I see the Cowboys winning the game in a hard fought battle.

The first half of this season is going to be brutal and we need every “W” we can get, but we have solid depth and a fantastic coaching staff.

Don’t forget Cowboys Nation, take this season ONE game at a time and don’t get ahead of your self.

This first game will tell us a lot about how this team will play this year and I have a good feeling it’s going to be quite the journey so strap in and get ready.

Cowboys 28

Giants 17

Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me…




Rowdy’s Take on Scandrick injury.

What a huge blow.

Not only is this a terrible situation for Orlando Scandrick, but it’s bad news for Cowboys fans. This is an irreplaceable player that played better than any Corner Back on the team last year and arguably was one of the top guys in the league.

But, before everyone starts to panic you have to find a bright side to these types of situations. 

The Cowboys do have some solid depth at Corner Back. Mo Claiborne will look to fill that void and scouts have been saying his camp this year has looked great and he claims he is healthier than ever, even though we haven’t seen him in a preseason game (but we will wait and see on this one, lets see if he can stay healthy). Tyler Patmon has looked great this year plus we have added Corey White who has looked great in every preseason game yet. Also, don’t forget the newest addition in Byron Jones who is versatile and can fill many spots on the field.

Brandon Carr’s hand injury is also not considered to be serious and could play tomorrow if he had to.

You also want to look at the upgrades to the Defensive Line which will add a pass rush and give much needed relief to the Cowboys secondary. We all know that if you get to the Quarterback then he can’t throw the ball anyways…

With our Linebackers healthy that also gives us some relief , but we will see how that plays out. With a healthy McClain,  Hitchens , and Lee all out there together that is going to be quite the sight to see.

Yes… this is a terrible injury to an incredible guy and player. But this is football, this is a brutal sport where injuries happen and you have to be prepared to take action at anytime for an injury like this.

So, lets just hope that this is the only season ending injury we have for the year. We made it through the Sean Lee injury so lets remain positive so that we can make it through this one as well.

To the Eagles fans trolling/hating/being terrible people that are praising the injury, get a life and find a therapist. Let’s not forget who your Quarterback is and always remember that karma is a B.  This is so typical of this fan base and goes to show why they are the worst fans in the NFL.

Stay positive Cowboys Nation, this isn’t the end of the season for Cowboys Football… but boy is this going to be a wild ride. Strap in.

You can take it, leave it , or through it back at me.



Rams V. Cowboys Practice

So as many fans know, the Rams and Cowboys had a few scuffles in the joint practices this week.

Just a few quick points…

I saw more cheap shots taken by  the Rams to Cowboys players than anything..

Practices were cancelled for the third day due in part to these fights

I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind all of this, we have a team we are currently trying to keep healthy , why risk being at the bottom of the pile only to re injure your self or a teammate? Who’s not to say Dez ends up with a broken arm or jaw by the end of everything and he’s out for a long period of time, or our offensive/defensive linemen get hurt holding people back…

Now I get it, if some thug takes a cheap shot at one of my guys you know darn well I’ll be one of the first out there but the bottom line is those cheap shots should not have occurred in the first place and everything leading up to each scuffle.

This is a professional sport and each teams needs to act like a professional.

That being said, the Rams must be pretty uptight about how terrible they are to let their emotions get the best of them for some no name to start taking cheap shots into another Cowboys back.

I’m just sayin’…. lay off my team bro.

You mad?

You can take it , leave it, or throw it back at me.


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Dallas Cowboys Pre Season Game 1- Things to watch for

Howdy ya’ll!!

What a crazy off season it has been for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans! Forget everyone else but we certainly did a lot of work to discuss needs and came out looking pretty good.

The only big question that remains, the elephant in the room … is how will we be at Running Back?

Well we won’t find out much to answer that question in the first preseason game against the Chargers as the top three running backs will not be playing.

We will get to look at the kid from Stephen F. Austin university Gus Johnson who is a “bowling ball” type of runner as insider Mike Fisher describes him.

This is a guy that could break out of his shell and show some really special things or he could crash and burn and be lucky to even make the practice squad. He will get a good amount carries tonight so lets watch and see if he can produce anything worth while.

I am very excited to see what our starters on defense can do , we know Greg Hardy is planning to “ease” his way back into football so who knows how many plays he will get in but it’ll be interesting to see how this D-Line upgrade has worked out for us.

I’m also very interested to see what Byron Jones has in store for us , if the D-Line can hold up to make our D-Backs look better we could see some special moments throughout the entire defense.

A player that has got a lot of attention is rookie WR Lucky Whitehead, the staff and writers have been all over this kid and they believe he can be a very special player .. we have a solid number of young rookies and he could be the standout among them all but Randy Gregory , La’el Collins and Byron Jones may have something to say to that.

This first preseason game is not about the score board, technically. There will be game time situations that cause the score board to become important but we want to see the talent on the field and what can happen, don’t get butt-hurt if the Cowboys lose but we want to come away feeling confident in the additions and off-season work that this entire staff and team has put in.

Don’t forget, after last years first preseason game those crazies at ESPN were calling the Cowboys the  worst team in the NFC.

We also didn’t win a preseason game last year and still did pretty well.  I’ve been waiting for this since Dez caught it, and it’s here.

Take it, leave it… or throw it back at me.

Rowdy Cowboy

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Romo hinting at Dez deal?

Romo sent this Instagram picture out, is he clued in and giving fans the chance to calm down about a deal happening soon?

From tonyromo_9 official Instagram.  Captioned ” Something big on the horizon! X ”


Only time will tell but most think it won’t happen until closer to the July 15 deadline.


Rowdys Thoughts- Dez, Greg Hardy, Hope Solo, And The Eagles (suck)

As we approach the July 15th deadline to get a deal done for arguably the best receiver in the NFL , Cowboys Nation officially needs to take a chill pill. There are many fans out there that are freaking out that Dez will hold out and miss 1-10 games to prove a point about his contract situation.

This will not happen. Everyone take a deep breath and remember that this is part of the business.

The first side to pick up the phone to talk, loses money.

Dez is looking for the “big deal” probably around the $15 million – $16 million a year deal, where the Cowboys sit at around 10-11 million looking at other receivers  in the league. Right now he is set to make 14 million with the tag. Eventually they will meet in the middle, likely at 14$ million a year, 40$million signing bonus.

This is all about testing the market and waiting for someone else to make a move on their main receivers in the league, no one wants to move first and other receivers are holding out as well, we just don’t hear about them.. only Dez, simply because he is the best and is granted the most attention being on Americas team and all.

Everyone chill out! The deal will get done, the NFL is built around not giving into big players, they lose money by doing that and Dez will not want to miss out on $800,000 paychecks for 10 straight weeks, let alone one. The Cowboys have done this before (D. Ware) and they know how this works, TRUST this front office! I have said this so many times over the course of the last two years and they have yet to let me down.. or you for that matter.

Likely we will all be waiting around until July 14th for this to get done, so put your patience pants on and enjoy the ride.

Until then , we wait for the Greg Hardy appeal results, which the NFL seems to be taking their sweet time with to wait until the last-minute. Typically a decision is made by the two-week mark which would have been 6/11/15 , we are almost three weeks in at this point.

Oh.. on a side note, where are all those folks who were hating on the Cowboys signing Greg Hardy that are now ALL OVER Hope Solo saying things like “She must play!!”, weird.. you know she bashed her nephews head into concrete and assaulted his mother as well, right? But of course, she is a female and plays for the national USA women’s soccer team.. so it’s okay, right?

Weird how that works… Well I’ll say this to you since you said it to the Cowboys, if you support Hope Solo then you support Domestic Violence. Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR the USA women’s soccer team , but if you’re gonna say one thing, then apply it to another. Rachel Nichols… Dale Hansen.. and all you other hypocrites out there. 

Meanwhile… the Eagles have officially converted DeMarco Murray into a true Eagles player as he makes his ridiculous remarks about the offensive line, firing shots to the Cowboys already.

DeMarco has no idea what to expect with that Eagles offensive line already falling apart and he  will get a nice load with a Quarterback that doesn’t even have a healthy bone in his body. If there is one thing the NFL teaches people it’s that injury prone players are just that injury prone and their all mighty Chip Kelly continues to ignore that, so we will see how this season goes. Yet NFL analyst continue to rank the Eagles in the top 10, and the Cowboys outside that. But the Cowboys showed them last year ( ranked 22 pre season) and they will do it again this year.

But hey Dez still caught it, and the Eagles still suck.

Those are my current thoughts..

Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me.


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Tom Brady Out Versus Cowboys Week 5 Is It Good or Bad?

As many of you know the NFL came down hard on Quarterback Tom Brady on Monday with a 4 game suspension along with taking away a 1st (2016) and 4th (2017) round draft pick with a fine of 1 million.

I’m not here to say if it was too much or too little, this was a statement made by the NFL to the league and it’s fans that cheating will not be tolerated, even if there is no definitive evidence.

There are plenty of Cowboys fans out there calling for more than 4 games, which kind of boggles me. Put your self on the other side, if Tony Romo was in this situation are you calling for 8 games? No, you’re not and don’t try to tell me you are. You’re okay with 8 games with Weeden on top of losing those draft picks? Let’s face it, the million dollars is chump change to any pro team, especially the Cowboys so the headline remains with the suspended games and draft picks. As a Cowboys fan you would be furious. That being said cheating is unacceptable  in any sport no matter the degree of the cheating.

I’m simply playing devils advocate here,  if it was Tony what is your reaction? Has it changed? Would you be okay with 8 games?

It is human nature to stick up for your team under certain circumstances, I get that. Patriots fans are doing that now, even though the nation knows the team and Brady has and have cheated. They just got caught this time.

Regardless, depending on an appeal the Patriots do not get Brady back until AFTER they play the Cowboys as they have “bye” week in Week 4 prompting Brady’s last suspended game to be week 5 vs the Cowboys.

Will the sentence be reduced? Maybe so, I’m not sure.

But how do you feel about this? Would you rather play with Brady in?

Many fans say if we actually want to prove ourselves then yes, because then if we beat the patriots all year-long you hear ” Ya, the Cowboys beat the patriots but it was without Brady”.

On the other end, we need to post as many wins during the regular season as possible and let’s face it, we have plenty of elite QB’s to face this year so if we can knock one of those out who’s not okay with this?  Jimmy Garoppolo will be looking to start that game against the Cowboys and it could be a solid match up between Eastern Illinois quarterbacks.

Garoppolo even broke Tony’s career passing and touchdown records while he was there. So don’t think this guy will be a push over.

This Cowboys team won’t take a break from anything, they will plan for the best and have an action plan. They will get to see Garoppolo in three games before he faces off with the Cowboys so they will be ready for him or Brady. Doesn’t matter to this coaching staff.

Also, don’t forget what Colt McCoy did to the Cowboys last near…

So, to top it off, if it is Brady or not there should be no game that is considered to be a push over but it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Like Tony said “We’re the Dallas Cowboys, we have real balls.”

Take it, leave it , throw it back at me.


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Emmitt sees “One-Two punch” with Dallas Running Backs

(Image Credit)


Emmitt Smith spoke to 105.3 the fan in regards to the running back situation looming over the Dallas Cowboys and what he said may just surprise you.

The Cowboys ignored the “running back needs” in this years NFL draft prompting them to stack this defense as that is clearly the main weakness within this team, going back to when they were unable to get to an injured Aaron Rodgers in a playoff game with weak pass rush.

This off season the Cowboys picked up Darren McFadden from Oakland at a cheap rate, and it’s fair to say Oakland does not have what the Cowboys do in the all pro offensive line.

The concern is if McFadden can stay healthy as he had issues in Oakland but he could shine here in Dallas now that he is with a team that can actually *ahem* “just win baby”.

The Cowboys seem ready to go with a running back by committee approach as reported by several insiders and seems to be a solid approach as it works fine with New England as they have proven.

When asked about the combination of McFadden and Randle on 105.3 the fan, Smith replied with:

“And [with backup running back Joseph] Randle, you can have a nice one-two punch. The one thing with McFadden, if he gets some of those running lanes that I saw DeMarco have last year, and it’s on — he can take it to the house.”

This may be the time McFadden has been wanting, where he remains healthy for 16 games and is able to go over 1,000 yards with some other running back help right behind him to help carry the load. Not to mention, McFadden  came from good ‘ole Arkansas and was undeniably incredible when he was there.

There is no denying that the Cowboys front office is being very careful and thrifty. This is not the old Cowboys team or staff, they are making the right moves and not cutting off limbs for players and working with what they have to  make the best team.

Now, it’ll be interesting to  see what this “one – two punch ” can do with this O-Line and what this defense will look like. If they can manage another top 5 offensive year with a top 15 defensive unit ( possibly better) the Cowboys are again a team to watch for.

Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me..


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Rowdys First Video Blog!!

Howdy True Blue Fans!!!

I have launched my introduction video on youtube, it went a little longer than expected with everything I wanted to cover, so I cut it and plan to do another video soon to cover what I had to cut out. Thanks for the support, and feedback is always appreciated!

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Your 2nd round position pick is?


No more mock’s, time for the real deal.

Howdy there Cowboys fans!

Are you sick of all the mock drafts yet!? Tired of the painful wait? Well , the time has arrived and we are several hours away from the 2015 NFL Draft. We finally get to see what this front office will do about addressing very important needs for this Cowboys team.

Let me get something out there really fast. Please , PLEASE … one more time, PLEASE stop saying the Cowboys are going to go 16-0 and PLEASE stop predicting a Super Bowl win before the draft even starts! I agree, this is not the Cowboys we have seen in recent years, this team is different. This team has always been about one thing, finish. This team will take this year one step and one game at a time so there is no need to get too excited and start assuming a perfect year because this team will do no predictions. This team will make smart decisions and stay on track. This team will do the talking on the football field.

Am I saying they won’t do well this year? Absolutely not, I just think it’s silly to start making predictions that strong and we haven’t even started the draft.

So for the sake of our sanity , just stop it. Lets be more reasonable and focus on wins, then playoffs, then a possible shot at the big prize.  One.Step. At. A.Time. That next step is tonight.

That being said, the next step to the return of football has also arrived with the 2015 NFL Draft. We are all excited and  pumped up. We’ve done our research, we’ve done all those silly mock drafts and we’ve exhausted our resources to attempt in getting the pick right.

BUT- consider this. The Cowboys may not even pick in the first round, who’s not to say everyone over in Jerry World will be disappointed to find out we have indeed moved back for additional picks in the 2nd or beyond? Or, consider that we may not have to wait until 10:00 PM CST or later to find out the first pick, we may get to see it earlier than that. There are many possibilities that no one will know until the draft starts tonight.

If the Draft is anything like how Free Agency started this year we are in for a very eventful night.

But I will say one last thing, and I hope many of you take this to heart. No matter WHAT the Cowboys do with or at 27 I will trust this front office with whatever move they make. So should you. They could quite possibly be the best front office in the NFL right now and have not made careless decisions. They have earned my respect and my trust , so regardless of what happens Cowboys, please keep this in mind. Whether we wait until Day 2, we move up for an early pick, or simply take the best available at 27.

Regardless, we remain trustful. We are Cowboys Nation.

Enjoy the 2015 NFL Draft.

Go Cowboys!

Take it, leave it, or throw it back at me.


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Stephen Jones not trading Vets for Adrian Peterson, or so he says..

Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones was on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday morning and of course he was asked about the opportunity to snag Adrian Peterson.  With the draft looming so close the old saying certainly goes into place , if a GM’s lips ( Or VP in this case..)are moving this time of year he is likely lying. I believe him in this case, I don’t see the Cowboys front office that has been so careful with off-season moves doing anything dramatic to snag Adrian Peterson , as much as the fans would love to see him with the star on his helmet.

“I don’t see that happening,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “I think draft picks are so important for us.

That’s where your value is in this salary cap era. I see us using all of our picks and hopefully do it in a good, wise way. Hopefully when the draft is all said and done, we’ll have really improved our football team.

“I don’t see us using any picks to trade for veteran ball players.” ( Per Dallas Morning News )

So, no need to fret over Scandrick plus a pick for Adrian Cowboys Nation.

The Cowboys clearly want and need to draft a running back, they have had six visit Valley Ranch this off-season among about 20+ defensive players.  If you want to know where the Cowboys see major needs, look at the visits in the last month or so.  Who will be there at 27 for the Cowboys? They clearly need to replace the rushing leader in Murray but the needs in the back field are obvious and much-needed.

The Dallas Cowboys need an A+ draft, typically it takes time for a player to really make an impact with a team, hence some of the moves already made this off-season.  When it comes down to it, it’s time to really trust the front office now that Jerry doesn’t appear to be controlling 100% of the decisions,  if he wants Peterson he is being out weighed by his officers.

I think it is about time to finally put the Adrian Peterson to Dallas rumors to bed and move on to our major needs in the draft. Plenty of running back talent that could be seen in the second round or maybe later, as well as some good defensive units.

Sources:, 105.3 The Fan

With the 27th overall pick, the Dallas Cowboys select…

War Room

(Photo Credit :

With the draft coming up in 15 days, I wanted to briefly go over what I feel are important needs for next year.

Now , all Dallas fans know that we need some serious help with our defense , but we also need a solid running back to fill the void left by he-who-must-not-be-named..

No one will ever replace #29 , but we can create a new addition and possible Cowboy legend if the front office is smart (which they have been recently). Likely, the next pick has already visited Valley Ranch and done some form of work out with coaches.

That being said, I don’t expect any major moves to grab that “other guy” from Minnesota.  There has also, of course, been the rumors speculating adding more depth or strength to this already solid Offensive line but ,who really knows?

The problem I have with mock drafts is that no one actually knows what will happen in the draft, it all comes down to when the team is on the clock, and unless you’re in the war room during that time you’re in “la-la land” with the rest of us. But, it’s fun to look at the possibilities and which players could have the beautiful star on their helmet come kick off.

Now, are the Cowboys going to risk waiting until the second round for a key part of their offense? Maybe, but I doubt it. If this is the case then I would love to see Coleman from Indiana who could be there, as mentioned on he has the speed, power and ability to pick up the blitz to protect Romo which is something *ahem* Murray *ahem* was able to do pretty well.

If Gurley is on the board at 27th, baring a small trade up , I don’t see the Cowboys waiting any longer and then going defensive in the second round.

Should the Cowboys believe they can get the guy they want in the second round, expect a solid defensive player to be picked up at 27.

Someone to help out the crew in our back field, who knows what will happen with Carr, or if Claiborne can stay healthy. Expect to see a Corner Back picked up,  someone like Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest or Marcus Peters from Washington.

Another thing to consider , would the Cowboys want to trade their late first round pick for a handful of other picks? It’s risky and they would need to find someone with the desired picks, but possible. The Cowboys have many holes to fill and need key players to fill those holes after losing plenty in free agency so a move like that could help but I’d still be surprised.

This front office is proving to be very smart, they are obviously going with the “win now” attitude and they continue to focus on that.  Whatever move they make is likely to be a scenario  they have gone over and we have to believe they will be ready when it comes time to make the perfect pick.  I mean, Zack Martin ended up being pretty good after all.

Like I said before, no one really knows what will happen. We are just all ready to hear what ends up happening so we can finally turn our attention to camp and pre season. Hell, we’ve been ready for a new season ever since #DezCaughtIt.


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Time to rant..

Okay Cowboys Nation.. it’s time.

I have patiently sat and stressed over one certain topic that has had Cowboys Nation on the edges of their seats since probably end of the football season, a topic many know about and have care for. What topic is this? Adrian Peterson.

I’ve about had it with this Adrian Peterson talk, he hasn’t been released by the Vikings and may not be. The only reason people have huge passion for this topic is because of a report that came our last season about Jerry and Adrian having a discussion about getting that star on his helmet. Now don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see AP come to Dallas, he would be a great fit and he is a once in a lifetime player. That being said, I am sick of getting my hopes up.. my google search is FULL of Adrian Peterson rumors and news , as a fan .. this is concerning. I look on twitter and daily I see Adrian Peterson NONSENSE , pictures of him in a Cowboys jersey and rumors that simply have no relevance to him becoming a Cowboy.

Cut the crap Cowboys Nation , lets get our hopes up once he is cut or you hear this ” With the 27th overall pick the Dallas Cowboys have traded their pick to the Minnesota Vikings…” or something along those lines. No need stressing as we have a plentiful selection of Running Backs in this years draft that would work great.

You can take it, leave it, or throw it back at me. But it is what it is..