Cowboys at Redskins


Do or die. That’s the motto for tonight’s prime-time showdown between the 8-7 Dallas Cowboys and the 9-6 Washington Redskins. With the Chicago Bears 26-24 victory over the Detroit Lions earlier today, the Redskins are now unable to obtain a wildcard spot if they lose to Dallas.

Here is the tiebreak scenario if Dallas were to win: Both teams would be 9-7 overall. The head-to-head would be tied also, with the ‘Skins 38-31 victory in Dallas on Thanksgiving day. That leads us to the Common Game record. Both teams faced the Giants and Eagles twice.

After those games, the Redskins’ Common Games record is 3-1 and the Cowboys’ is as well. After playing the NFC South, The ‘Skins are 5-3 and Dallas is 5-3. So far, another tie, but after the AFC North, Washington was 7-5 and Dallas was 8-4.  There you have it, if the Cowboys win, it goes that deep. If the Redskins win, the claim the Division due to 2-0 vs The Cowboys. This truly is the definition of a ‘down-to-the-wire’ division championship chase.

Robert Griffin III has the weapons: Santana Moss, Aldrick Robinson, Josh Morgan, Alfred Morris, and the option play. RGIII does have momentum, too. 6 wins in a row to be exact, but does this compare to the pressure for Romo to perform in Big-D?  Mr. Romo has 1 year left on his contract, and you have to think that if he gets blown out, Jerry Jones, even though it seems unlikely, could sever ties and head in the next direction. But, ver 4,600 yards after 16 weeks isn’t too shabby at all. No one seems to care because Romo is Romo and he isn’t very popular.

In fact, he’s mostly hated by anyone who doesn’t like the Cowboys. He can silence the critics tonight though. Good luck to both teams, but may the Cowboys win!


McGee or Carpenter Who’s wins the 3rd QB Spot?

If Tony Romo gets injured this season, the starting job would go to Kyle Orton, no doubt. But what would happen if Orton would be injured as well? You have the choice between the 2009 Fourth-rounder from Texas A&M, Stephen McGee, or you have the 2009 undrafted QB from Arizona State, Rudy Carpenter, who had a stint with Dallas in Early ’09.

Stephen McGee Stephen McGee #7 of the Dallas Cowboys throws a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles on January 2, 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rudy Carpenter Quarterback Rudy Carpenter #5 of the Dallas Cowboys looks for a receiver down field against the Minnesota Vikings at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on September 4, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Cowboys defeated the Vikings 35-31.

The Triplets: Where Are They Now?


Let us take a trip back to the Glory Days of Dallas, back when we steamrolled the Bills for 2 straight years, back when we (almost) could have had 4 NFL Championships in a row.

Who made that team legendary? Role Players, yes, you could say that… but DO NOT forget about the 3-Headed BEAST of Aikman, Irvin, and Smith.

What did we have after that? Carter, Bickerstaff, and Galloway… NO WHERE NEAR our 90’s talent… Now we have Romo, Murray, and Bryant, a step up from the earlier 2000’s, but still not even touching the Triplets.

What are these (once) astonishing athletes doing now? Lets find out…

QB #8- TROY AIKMAN– If you didn’t know, Troy is one of the Heavily used Fox NFL Play-by-Play broadcasters. BUT… you probably wouldn’t have guessed that he is a Partial owner of the MLB’s San Diego Padres. He also endorses Rent-a-Center along with Hulk Hogan.

RB #22- EMMITT SMITH– Emmitt has written a few books and is investing his money… maybe playing a bit of poker. Endorses Just For Men with Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier.

WR #88- MICHAEL IRVIN– Michael does co-hosts a lot of shows on NFL Network and mentors Young and Budding NFL hopefuls. Sometimes Endorses Nike.

Junior Seau

In case you have not yet heard, 12-time Pro Bowler Junior Seau died in his San Diego, CA home last Wednesday with a self-inflicted bullet wound to the chest…

His brain will be studied for sports medical reference about concussions. Many doctors believe that anyone with so many concussions can try to kill themselves without even knowing what is going own, it’s just like their brain lapses and bang, it’s over…

Even though Seau was not part of the TrueBlueNation, he was arguably the one of the best linebackers in league history.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Seau Family….

A Moment of Silence Please.

Justin Wages Mock Draft

Let’s cut straight to the chase, here is my First Round Mock Draft:

Colts: Andrew Luck (QB, Stanford) Do I Need an Explanation?

Deadskins: Robert Griffin III (QB, Baylor) Do I?

Vikings: Justin Blackmon (WR, Oklahoma State) A WR for developing QB Christian Ponder is a GREAT Idea.

Browns: Trent Richardson (HB, Alabama) Goodbye Hillis, but HELLLLOOOO Richardson.

Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne (DB, LSU) The Bucs have almost no secondary, enough said.

Rams: Matt Kalil (OL, USC) Strengthening the OL doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Jaguars: Melvin Ingram (DE, South Carolina) The Jaguars have never really had the pass rush they’ve wanted. Ingram=Answer.

Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill (QB, Texas A&M) No Brainer.

Panthers: Michael Floyd (WR, Notre Dame) Another big target for Cam Newton will mean that Carolina WILL be good this year.

Bills: Riley Reiff (OT, Iowa) Beefin’ up that Offensive Line.

Chiefs: Dontari Poe (DT, Memphis) The Chiefs, like the Jags, don’t have an elite pass rush. Poe could bring that to an end.

Seahawks: Quinton Coples (DE, UNC) Coples is the outside rush that Seattle needs to keep up with San Francisco.

Cardinals: David DeCastro (OL, Stanford) Protect the QB. Arizona failed last year.

COWBOYS: Mark Barron (DB, Alabama) We NEED a Safety to help on the deep passes we got burned on last year.

Shegals: Fletcher Cox (DT, Miss. State) The Shegals have the secondary but need a bit more Rush, Tom Sawyer anyone?

Jets: Luke Kuechly (LB, Boston College) How do you pronounce that name? Who cares? It fills the Jets opening void at LB.

Bengals: Cordy Glenn (OT, Georgia) Focus on OL for your 1st pick here, OL is goin’ fast and Cincinnati has another pick.

Chargers: Dre Kirkpatrick (DB, Alabama) Take some work off of Weddle, he can’t do everything… or can he?

Bears: Courtney Upshaw (DE, Alabama) The Bears offense is good, their pass rush, like many other teams, needs to be improved.

Titans: Stephon Gilmore (DB, South Carolina) How many more do I have to explain??? Courtland Finnegan…

Bengals: Kendall Wright (WR, Baylor) Another big target for Andy Dalton, also takes some pressure off of A.J. Green.

Browns: Brandon Weeden (QB, Oklahoma State) Elder backup for Colt McCoy. Possible starter of the near future?

Lions: Jonathan Martin (OL, Stanford) Gives Stafford more time to throw to Madden 13 cover athlete Calvin Johnson.

Steelers: Joe Adams (WR, Arkansas) Hines Ward is gone, meet his replacement.

Broncos: Brandon Thompson (DT, Clemson) This guy could be double teamed, opens up holes for Von Miller and Co

Texans: Stephen Hill (WR, Georgia Tech) Andre Johnson’s injury wasn’t what crippled the season, but they need another WR.

Patriots: Jared Crick (DE, Nebraska) D-Line getting old (And Fat).

Packers: Dont’a Hightower (LB, Alabama) Hightower would be an awesome complement to Hawk and Matthews.

Ravens: Shea McClellin (LB, Boise State) Ray Lewis is almost out of gas…

49ers: Janoris Jenkins (DB, Northern Alabama) Stellar Offense Amazing Defense, just a little more juice and they’re Superbowl bound.

Patriots: Michael Brockers (DT, LSU) Best remaining player slipping through the cracks to back up a fat guy, nice…

Giants: LaMichael James (HB, Oregon) Loss of Brandon Jacobs makes the need for having the 1-2 punch with Bradshaw back.


Mark Barron – Mel Kiper Jr’s Mock Pick


Position: Safety

College: Alabama

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 213 lbs

40 Time: 4.56

40 Low: 4.47

40 High: 4.65.

Strengths- Mark Barron’s greatest strength is his intelligence. He called the complex coverage plays for the Alabama defense.

Mark Barron is also extremely athletic.

Weaknesses- Mark Barron has a tendency to get lazy with his back pedal and hesitates in transition due to his size.

Mark Barron will launch himself at times into the ball carrier.


 By: Justin Wages

Kickers? Kickers? Are you talking about Kickers? We have a franchise tag and we use it on a Kicker? Are You kidding me?

A Kicker?

Is what Jim Mora might say to three NFL GM’s. Buccaneers Kicker Connor Barth, Browns Kicker Phil Dawson and Bengals Kicker Mike Nugent all have received the franchise tag this year. All I have to say is… Good thing we didn’t. (cough,cough)