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Brandon aka “TrueBlueNation”

I am self-proclaimed “sports junkie” and I will blog, watch, read, or otherwise analyze anything and everything having to do with my beloved Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team”.  I love getting together with other die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans to discuss anything sports related.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at or via twitter at @TrueBlueNation1. Go Cowboys!



Lynn Snell

My name is Lynn Snell and I live currently one hour from Philadelphia. I was born and raised in PA just an hour outside of Philly.  I am currently a senior in high school, and I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan all my life.  I am one of the biggest Cowboy fans you’ll ever meet. I live in a territory that is full of Eagles, Redskins, Giants, and Steeler fans with few too many Dallas Cowboy fans. I love to talk and write about the Cowboys.



Jersey Jen

I’m Jen, good to “meet” you all – a little bit about myself as well…I’m an interesting Cowboy fan. I grew up/live in the town right next to Giants stadium, both parents are from NY but I was raised a die-hard Cowboys fan, and I LOVE it!

I’m surrounded by people who hate the Cowboys so it makes being a fan for me even more fun. As I mentioned I live in Jersey, north Jersey to be specific. It’s important to stress that ever since MTV was kind enough to bless us all with that south Jersey trash on the Jersey Shore. I work a grind of a job in television, but in my spare time I obviously enjoy writing or I wouldn’t be here :). I do a good amount of fantasy football writing for a few sites, but writing about the Cowboys has been a lot of fun because it gives me the opportunity to really be a fan.


Rowdy Cowboy  

Born in North Carolina and raised by Redskins fans I have known my true team since I was a young kid and refused to pull for anyone besides the Cowboys. I recently started a video blog to call out the numerous other blogs who hate on the Cowboys via my friends requesting me to do so ever since creating the “Rowdy Cowboy ” character.
I am new to the blogging/ video blogging world but I am very excited to get not only my opinion but fan opinions out there as well. I bleed blue no matter, win or lose. I am extremely out going,fun and I keep it real, but I will call out anyone who tries to  blast untrue information when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys Fan For Life!
Tony Catalina
Die hard Cowboys fan, from the city of Worcester, Ma.  All my life I’ve been a passionate Cowboys fan and have always had a genuine love for the game of Football.  I’m also a high school football QB coach so when I am not writing or talking about the game, I am teaching and coaching it.  Ever sense I can remember I have been writing and putting my thoughts on paper about the Dallas Cowboys and I am excited to be apart of True Blue Nation and to work with a great team of people.
Follow me on Twitter for all things Cowboys related: @Tony_Catalina
I can also be contacted by email @

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