2015 Cowboys Draft Grades

All the picks are finally in for the 2015 NFL Draft from Chicago. What grade would you give the Dallas Cowboys on their 2015 draft selections?



Dallas Cowboys 7 Round Mock Draft

We are just three days until the 2015 NFL Mock Draft kicks off in Chicago, I figured I would join in on all the fun speculation about mock drafts. In this mock draft, I am going to try to get inside the heads of Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, and Will McClay by accurately predicting their every this weekend.

Without further ado, my 2015 Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft


Round 1- Eric Kendricks LB UCLA

This might be the hardest projection for the Cowboys in 2015. With not one specific glaring need on either side of the ball, figuring out where Dallas will go awfully troublesome. Personally one of my favorite players in the draft, Kendricks could be the potential replacement to Rolando McClain after this season. This pick wouldn’t be exactly about need but strictly for value.

Kendricks has an unbelievable knack for making plays.


Round 2- TJ Yeldon RB Alabama

TJ Yeldon is one of the many ideal fits at running back for the Dallas Cowboys in this draft.

A very patient runner, Yeldon meshes well with what this offensive line does, and that is just physically dominating a defense’s front 7. Even though he does not have the biggest frame, he is one of the top running backs in pass protection.  Yeldon would also create many mismatches coming out of the backfield. In essence, he can easily replace DeMarco Murray.



Round 3- Josh Shaw CB USC

Josh Shaw would be a potential first round pick if it weren’t for a series of incidents that led to his suspension for lying to coaches on how he got injured. However, that is besides the point. Due to Shaw not having “élite athleticism and speed”, he fits in very well working as a Cover 2 CB and FS.

Shaw is very disruptive when in coverage and when the ball is in the air. His tremendous ball skills are what the Cowboys need in the back-end. His versatility could benefit him well when coming to Dallas, assuming he will split reps at FS with JJ Wilcox.


Round 4- Frank Clark DE Michigan

Frank Clark is another perfect fit for Rod Marinelli’s defense.  According to Bob Strum of the Dallas Morning News, Clark is a “high energy edge rusher who has caused a lot of havoc in the offensive backfield over the years and has a real interesting combination of skills.”

Clark is also a versatile player, he can play standing up or with his hand in the dirt. His off the field issues are well-known and very controversial. However, Jerry Jones has done a fine job at mentoring players with long lists of off the field issues. If it weren’t for his personal history, he’d be a 1st-2nd round pick.



Round 5- Lorenzo Doss CB Tulane

One of the more athletic cornerbacks in this class, the Cowboys could use Doss’s athleticism and ball skills.  Doss has one trait that I fail to see in most of the corners on the current roster, he likes to take chances and go after the ball.

While it can be a dangerous play at times, the Cowboys need more players that will attempt to make a play on the ball. When playing at his best, he could be a very formidable complementary number 2 cornerback.



Round 7- JT Surratt DT South Carolina

JT Surratt possesses the size on the interior defensive line that the Cowboys haven’t had in years. The fifth year senior is a great run-stuffing DT that excels in moving other interior offensive lineman. Combining that and excellent hand placement and footwork, he could be a nice complement to Tyrone Crawford in the middle.



Round 7- JJ Nelson WR UAB

You don’t have to take my word for it, this guy is FAST.  I mean, insanely fast. Nelson ran the fastest 40 yard dash time at the combine with a blazing 4.28! 

Nelson isn’t exactly another weapon for Romo to consistently throw to underneath, but he could be the best replacement for Dwayne Harris in the return game. At UAB this season, Nelson had an astonishing 38.7 yard kick return average and 4 touchdowns.

In conclusion, I would be very pleased if this is the direction the Cowboys went with this years draft. In the process of the eight picks the Dallas Cowboys have in this hypothetical draft, they would have acquired a starting running back and plenty of other future stars in this league.

As for now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Should The Dallas Cowboys Go CB In Round 1?


(Image Credit: profootballspot.com)

Draft day is closing in quickly, the excitement and anticipation is mounting.  I’m sure by now everybody has looked over several mock drafts and found out for yourselves that there is no clear consensus of what the Dallas Cowboys will do with their 27th pick in the first round.  

Allow me to explain why I think our Dallas Cowboys should take a cornerback with that first round selection.

It’s easy to say we need to replace DeMarco Murray and make a splash move with Todd Gurley, or assume we have to take Melvin Gordon.  I’ve come to expect that in all likelihood Gurley will be long gone before our 27th selection, and I also have Gordon going not long after, I’d guess somewhere in the middle to late teens.

To have one of those backs would be a great addition to our team, young, cheap running backs with a ton of upside behind our O-Line is surely drool worthy, but my train of thought is that of looking at the depth at the RB spot in this years draft.  I see no problem waiting until the 2nd or 3rd round for our future ball carrier.

Now take a look at our cornerback position.  All the question marks concerning health, contracts, and the relative unknown leaves me unsettled.

Morris Claiborne, who has been a disappointment to date any way,  is coming off major knee surgery and will most likely miss a portion of training camp.

Brandon Carr has been formidable but with his salary and potential contract issue looming, its tough to see us depending on him to help be a top CB for us.  Tyler Patmon, and the newly acquired Corey White, give me some intrigue with their ability but it is much too early to see the Cowboys leaning on them for heavy production.  Which leaves me to Orlando Scandrick, the only CB on our roster that has been a constant producer at that position and only player I feel comfortable with when he lines up across a top WR.

Looking at this years draft talent, I’m excited.  Tons of natural ability, and football IQ.  There is how ever some baggage but that’s up to management and the scouting department to decide who is worth the risk.  Players such as Marcus Peters from Washington, Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest, and Byron Jones from UCONN, are the players that come to mind for me.

The talent is evident, and there’s a great chance one or two of them will be there when our first round selection is on the clock.  Size, speed, and the ability to be a number one Corner is in every one of the players mentioned.  All that being said, it’s not quiet as deep as the running back class and the need is just as strong across the league for cornerbacks as there is for running backs.  Waiting until the 2nd round to try to steal one of these top flight corners is a risky move that may not work out, but i feel differently about stealing a back in the same scenario.

If I was Dallas, I would take one of those Corners named before with the 27th pick and feel real good about a running back being there for them in the 2nd.  Top cornerback in the 1st, top back in the 2nd, and to me that’s a great start to a promising draft for the Dallas Cowboys.

So Cowboys Nation what do you say?  CB in the first a good idea? RB instead? Or maybe go in a different direction all together? Let us know, but either way, get excited ladies and gentlemen, the Draft is almost upon us.

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