Former Giants Player Osi Umenyiora Has Some Bold Words For The Cowboys/Giants Season Opener

Former New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora had some choice words and a bold prediction for the upcoming Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Sunday Night football season opener.

Via his twitter account Umenyiora had this to say.

I can’t wait till our Dallas Cowboys make Umenyiora eat his words Sunday night.


Morales, Victories, or Both?


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Fans of all teams in every sport seem to always want to have their cake and eat it too.

The Cowboys fans are no exception to that and are in some cases the biggest culprit.  We want our team to draft the best players available,  sign the big name free agents, and mostly importantly, win.

We want to see them achieve this while in the mean time making sure we bring in the “right kind of guy” as Coach Garrett loves to preach.  Now I pose you, the fan this very question.  Would you not want your team to win if meant taking risks on players with checkered pasts? I am of the full belief that team chemistry and having the right kind of players on a team is a key component to a teams success.   I can say with absolute certainty that it isn’t the end all be all of successful teams decision making.

As coach Garrett’s father, former Cowboys Scout, Jim Garrett once famously said, “Jerry, this isn’t the Boy Scouts, it’s the NFL.” Truer words have never been spoken and when it comes to winning in the NFL, talent can trump all and give you second, and some times third chances. Cowboys made it evident that they’re in a win now attitude with the highly publicized signing of DE Greg Hardy, and the restructuring move of Tony Romo that can make cap maneuvers for the foreseeable future a bit tougher to manage. It has been Coach Garrett’s philosophy from the beginning to preach about the right kind of guy and the “process” you must follow to be a championship ball club.

The team has gravitated to the idea and has bought in as a whole, with the core of high character guys on the team, and the culture being preached from the coaching staff down to the team leaders, I see a strong core that can withstand players with character issues.

Guys like Romo, Witten, Mincey, and Coach Garrett make me feel better about bringing in players with the pedigree of Rolando McClain, Greg Hardy, Josh Brent and keeping Joseph Randle around.   Being around leaders that do the right thing, with their kind of focus and determination can be contagious and really help galvanize a football team. With Romo’s age, the time is now to put all the chips in the middle of the table. Give everything you got, and do what ever is necessary to win.

The Dallas Cowboys have an opportunity to maximize Tony’s last two or three years and achieve something great. Cowboys clearly feel the same way by taking gambles on players other teams wouldn’t, and by doing so it could mean championships, or dysfunction.

Lets hope for our Cowboys sake it pays off with a trip to Santa Clara. So, you tell me, Morales? Victories? Or is it possible to achieve both?

Cowboys rally in the 4th but fall in overtime 34-31

Dallas Cowboys Star

The Dallas Cowboys (8-7) overcame a 14 point deficit in the fourth quarter versus the Saints to force overtime but came up short with a 34-31 loss at Cowboys Stadium.  The Cowboys still have a chance to win the NFC East title since the New York Giants loss today 33-14 to the Baltimore Ravens.

Next Sunday everything will be up for grabs in the prime time match up versus arch rival the Washington Redskins at FedEx field. The Redskins won the first matchup at Cowboys Stadium Thanksgiving day 38-31.

Cowboys to honor fallen teammate Jerry Brown Sunday


The Dallas Cowboys will wear a No. 53 decal on their helmets to honor the memory of practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown Jr. for the rest of the season starting with Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium.

Cowboys win 38-33 pulls within a game of the NFC wildcard

Tony Romo

Behind the return of starting running back DeMarco Murray the Dallas Cowboys defeated the hapless Philadelphia Eagles (3-9) 38-33 at Cowboys Stadium. 

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo passes Hall of Famer Troy Aikman for the Dallas Cowboys all-time touchdown mark, Romo finished the game 22 of 27 for 303 yards and three touchdowns.

The victory pulls the Dallas Cowboys (6-6) within one game of the NFC wildcard and if the Redskins defeats the New York Giants tomorrow night it will put the Redskins and the Cowboys a game closer to the NFC East title.

DeMarco Murray had 22 carries for 83 yards and a touchdown, wide receiver Dez Bryant caught six passes for 98 yards and two touchdowns, and tight end Jason Witten chipped in with 103 yards receiving.

Up next for the Cowboys will be the Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) at Paul Brown Stadium.

Dallas Cowboys Fans Interview Series Part 2: UKCowboysFans

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most recognizable sports franchises in the world. In part 2 of our Dallas Cowboys Fans Interview Series we interview the UKCowboysFans a group of die-hard fans from the United Kingdom. 

Q: Can you tell my TrueBlueNation blog readers a little about yourself and the UKCowboysFans? 

Myself: I am the father of a beautiful 9-year-old girl and I am a massive Cowboys fan from the UK who catches all their games live when it is on our sports channel show otherwise I listen to them on the radio, regardless of the time they kickoff/finish here.
UK Cowboys Fans: UK Cowboys fans was set up almost a year ago with the aim to help Cowboys fans here in the UK keep up to date with news, scores, and all things Cowboys. We set up a Facebook and Twitter page so updates of plays as they happen on game day could be provided should fans be unable to catch the game live, and links could be provided so that news updates were available a the click of a button, saving fans time by not having to search around. Things have really taken off and with over 50 members on the Facebook group and 900 followers on twitter we recently had our first UK Cowboys Fans get together at the Rams/Patriots game at Wembley. The aim is to have regular trips to Cowboys Stadium in the future to cheer the team on.

Q: What made you start following the Dallas Cowboys? How long have you been a Dallas Cowboys Fan?

I have been a Cowboys fan since around 2000, but have been into American Football a lot longer, originally without actually following a team. As my love for the sport grew I knew following a team was a must. The Cowboys were the only team I wanted to know the score of and through that realised that they were the only team for me.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends. I am also a season ticket (with my daughter and a few friends) for the Leeds Rhinos (our local Rugby League team). We follow them home and away no matter have far the trip may take us.

Q: What was your first Dallas Cowboys memory? (Good or Bad)

My first Cowboys memory was rushing to college the day after a game (back then the time difference made it hard to stay up all night to watch a game, when on live here) so that I could get the result before having to go into class.

Q: Who is your All-Time favorite Dallas Cowboys player and why?

Emmitt Smith. He was amazing to watch, and could turn a game in the blink of an eye. Was gutted when he left the team and eventually retired.

Q: Who is your favorite current Dallas Cowboys player?

Jason Witten. This guy is so reliable, and has a great work ethic. Personally I think he is the best all round Tight End currently in the league.

Q: If you could give the Dallas Cowboys team by position a grade what would it be?
Offense: C-
Defense: B-
Sp.Teams: D
Coaching: C-
Front Office: B

Q: If you were in the Dallas Cowboys front office what changes would you make on the team?

I would make everyone who doesn’t have the word “Coach” in their work title take a step back. The Front Office needs to concentrate on what is happening of the field and let the Coaches do what they are paid for and that’s to coach.

Q: Will the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs this year?

I’m going to say yes, although it’s going to be tough. I said at the start of the year we would be 10-6 and in the playoffs, so I’m sticking with that.

Q: Will Jason Garrett be back as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys next year?
I hope so, as I don’t think he’s had enough time in the role, but doubt he will.

With the whole Sean Payton issue, it’s going to be hard for Jerry Jones to let another team take him without making an offer himself.
Word association

Tony Romo: Under-rated.

Jason Garrett: Too cautious at times.

Dallas Cowboys: The best team in the NFL.

Rob Ryan: The right coach for our Defence.

Washington Redskins: Not to be taken lightly.

We would like to thank Jamie and the UKCowboysFans for taking the time to sit down and talk with us at TrueBlueNation Fan Club.

Is Bruce Carter’s season over?

The Dallas Cowboys football team ravaged by injury all season could end up losing their star second year pro inside linebacker Bruce Carter. He dislocated his elbow in the second half of the Cowboys’ 38-31 loss to the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving at Cowboys Stadium.

The Cowboys front office will know more about Carter’s playing status on Monday. If Carter does end up needing surgery to repair his injured elbow he will be placed on injured reserve and his season will be over.

Bruce Carter has 70 tackles (51 solo) for the season. 

Cowboys vs Redskins


Cowboys Stadium

Kickoff: 3:25 pm CST

Quick Facts:

Series Record: Cowboys leads 62-40-2.

Last Meeting: Dallas 27 – Washington 24 (Overtime), Nov. 20th, 2011.

Last Meeting in Dallas: Dallas 18 -Washington 16, Sept. 16th, 2011.

Series Streak: Dallas has won the last three out of six of the last seven games.

Series Break down by game. (Includes Regular Season and Postseason games.)

11/20/2011 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 24, OT 80,122
09/26/2011 Dallas Cowboys 18, Washington Redskins 16 91,017
12/19/2010 Dallas Cowboys 33, Washington Redskins 30 86,904
09/12/2010 Washington Redskins 13, Dallas Cowboys 7 90,670
12/27/2009 Dallas Cowboys 17, Washington Redskins 0 88,221
11/22/2009 Dallas Cowboys 7, Washington Redskins 6 85,277
11/16/2008 Dallas Cowboys 14, Washington Redskins 10 90,830
09/28/2008 Washington Redskins 26, Dallas Cowboys 24 63,462
12/30/2007 Washington Redskins 27, Dallas Cowboys 6 90,910
11/18/2007 Dallas Cowboys 28, Washington Redskins 23 63,706
11/05/2006 Washington Redskins 22, Dallas Cowboys 19 90,250
09/17/2006 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 10 63,152
12/18/2005 Washington Redskins 35, Dallas Cowboys 7 90,588
09/19/2005 Washington Redskins 14, Dallas Cowboys 13 65,207
12/26/2004 Dallas Cowboys 13, Washington Redskins 10 63,705
09/27/2004 Dallas Cowboys 21, Washington Redskins 18 90,367
12/14/2003 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 0 70,284
11/02/2003 Dallas Cowboys 21, Washington Redskins 14 64,002
12/29/2002 Washington Redskins 20, Dallas Cowboys 14 84,142
11/28/2002 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 20 63,606
12/02/2001 Dallas Cowboys 20, Washington Redskins 14 85,112
10/15/2001 Dallas Cowboys 9, Washington Redskins 7 63,941
12/10/2000 Dallas Cowboys 32, Washington Redskins 13 63,467
09/18/2000 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 21 84,431
10/24/1999 Dallas Cowboys 38, Washington Redskins 20 64,377
09/12/1999 Dallas Cowboys 41, Washington Redskins 35, OT 79,237
12/27/1998 Dallas Cowboys 23, Washington Redskins 7 63,565
10/04/1998 Dallas Cowboys 31, Washington Redskins 10 72,284
11/16/1997 Dallas Cowboys 17, Washington Redskins 14 64,559
10/13/1997 Washington Redskins 21, Dallas Cowboys 16 76,159
12/22/1996 Washington Redskins 37, Dallas Cowboys 10 56,454
11/28/1996 Dallas Cowboys 21, Washington Redskins 10 64,955
12/03/1995 Washington Redskins 24, Dallas Cowboys 17
10/01/1995 Washington Redskins 27, Dallas Cowboys 23 55,489
11/20/1994 Dallas Cowboys 31, Washington Redskins 7
10/02/1994 Dallas Cowboys 34, Washington Redskins 7
12/26/1993 Dallas Cowboys 38, Washington Redskins 3
09/06/1993 Washington Redskins 35, Dallas Cowboys 16
12/13/1992 Washington Redskins 20, Dallas Cowboys 17
09/07/1992 Dallas Cowboys 23, Washington Redskins 10
11/24/1991 Dallas Cowboys 24, Washington Redskins 21
09/09/1991 Washington Redskins 33, Dallas Cowboys 31
11/22/1990 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 17
09/23/1990 Washington Redskins 19, Dallas Cowboys 15
11/05/1989 Dallas Cowboys 13, Washington Redskins 3
09/24/1989 Washington Redskins 30, Dallas Cowboys 7
12/11/1988 Dallas Cowboys 24, Washington Redskins 17
10/09/1988 Washington Redskins 35, Dallas Cowboys 17
12/13/1987 Washington Redskins 24, Dallas Cowboys 20
10/19/1987 Washington Redskins 13, Dallas Cowboys 7
11/23/1986 Washington Redskins 41, Dallas Cowboys 14
10/12/1986 Dallas Cowboys 30, Washington Redskins 6
11/10/1985 Dallas Cowboys 13, Washington Redskins 7
09/09/1985 Dallas Cowboys 44, Washington Redskins 14
12/09/1984 Washington Redskins 30, Dallas Cowboys 28
10/14/1984 Washington Redskins 34, Dallas Cowboys 14
12/11/1983 Washington Redskins 31, Dallas Cowboys 10
09/05/1983 Dallas Cowboys 31, Washington Redskins 30
01/22/1983 Washington Redskins 31, Dallas Cowboys 17 (NFC Championship Game) 55,045
12/05/1982 Dallas Cowboys 24, Washington Redskins 10
11/22/1981 Dallas Cowboys 24, Washington Redskins 10
09/06/1981 Dallas Cowboys 26, Washington Redskins 10
11/23/1980 Dallas Cowboys 14, Washington Redskins 10
09/08/1980 Dallas Cowboys 17, Washington Redskins 3
12/16/1979 Dallas Cowboys 35, Washington Redskins 34
11/18/1979 Washington Redskins 34, Dallas Cowboys 20
11/23/1978 Dallas Cowboys 37, Washington Redskins 10
10/02/1978 Washington Redskins 9, Dallas Cowboys 5
11/27/1977 Dallas Cowboys 14, Washington Redskins 7
10/16/1977 Dallas Cowboys 34, Washington Redskins 16
12/12/1976 Washington Redskins 27, Dallas Cowboys 14
10/31/1976 Dallas Cowboys 20, Washington Redskins 7
12/13/1975 Dallas Cowboys 31, Washington Redskins 10
11/02/1975 Washington Redskins 30, Dallas Cowboys 24, OT
11/28/1974 Dallas Cowboys 24, Washington Redskins 23
11/17/1974 Washington Redskins 28, Dallas Cowboys 21
12/09/1973 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 7
10/08/1973 Washington Redskins 14, Dallas Cowboys 7
12/31/1972 Washington Redskins 26, Dallas Cowboys 3 (NFC Championship Game) 53,129
12/09/1972 Dallas Cowboys 34, Washington Redskins 24
10/22/1972 Washington Redskins 24, Dallas Cowboys 20
11/21/1971 Dallas Cowboys 13, Washington Redskins 0
10/03/1971 Washington Redskins 20, Dallas Cowboys 16
12/06/1970 Dallas Cowboys 34, Washington Redskins 0
11/22/1970 Dallas Cowboys 45, Washington Redskins 21
12/21/1969 Dallas Cowboys 20, Washington Redskins 10
11/16/1969 Dallas Cowboys 41, Washington Redskins 28
11/28/1968 Dallas Cowboys 29, Washington Redskins 20
11/17/1968 Dallas Cowboys 44, Washington Redskins 24
11/19/1967 Washington Redskins 27, Dallas Cowboys 20
10/08/1967 Dallas Cowboys 17, Washington Redskins 14
12/11/1966 Washington Redskins 34, Dallas Cowboys 31
11/13/1966 Dallas Cowboys 31, Washington Redskins 30
11/28/1965 Washington Redskins 34, Dallas Cowboys 31
09/26/1965 Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 7
11/22/1964 Washington Redskins 28, Dallas Cowboys 16
09/20/1964 Dallas Cowboys 24, Washington Redskins 18
11/03/1963 Dallas Cowboys 35, Washington Redskins 20
09/29/1963 Washington Redskins 21, Dallas Cowboys 17
11/04/1962 Dallas Cowboys 38, Washington Redskins 10
09/16/1962 Dallas Cowboys 35, Washington Redskins 35
12/17/1961 Washington Redskins 34, Dallas Cowboys 24
11/19/1961 Dallas Cowboys 28, Washington Redskins 28
10/09/1960 Washington Redskins 26, Dallas Cowboys 14


Cowboys pre-Thanksgiving Rally Day

Cowboys Stadium will host a pre-Thanksgiving Rally Day on Wednesday morning from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the East Platform, featuring appearances and autographs from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and former players Charles Haley, Chad Hennings, and Mel Renfro.

Photos can be taken with the Super Bowl trophies, while children will be able to see Rowdy and play interactive games.

Rally day platform tickets cost $12.50 for adults and $9.50 for children and will give guests access to the platform only.

Tours of Cowboys Stadium will be open with free parking at Cowboys Stadium through the end of the day with the purchase of a tour ticket. VIP Guided tours are available for purchase at the box office, $17.50 for adults and $14.50 for children/seniors (subject to availability). Free parking will available with the purchase of a stadium tour.

Events scheduled for Rally Day:

Dallas Cowboys Alumni will sign autographs from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

  • Charles Haley – 10:00 a.m.
  • Chad Hennings – 11:00 a.m.
  • Mel Renfro – 1:00 p.m.
  • Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will sign autographs from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Source: Dallas

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins rivalry

The Dallas Cowboys (5-5) will host their hated rival the Washington Redskins (4-6) in the annual Thanksgiving game in Cowboys Stadium this year.  The Cowboys and Redskins rivalry dates back to October 9, 1960. It was once considered one of the biggest NFL rivalries of all time and one of the greatest in all of pro sports.


In 1960, the National Football League approved a franchise for Dallas, and Murchison, along with Bedford Wynne, was the franchisee or license holder. A motivating factor in the NFL’s decision to award a license for Dallas was the establishment of the American Football League (AFL) by Lamar Hunt, another Dallas area businessman. Hunt, in helping create the AFL, established a professional football presence in Dallas, and the NFL realized the urgency with which they needed to address a potential market gain by the upstart league and a loss for the established organization.

For the most part, Murchison was a hands-off owner, delegating a great deal of operational control of the Cowboys to General Manager Tex Schramm, Coach Tom Landry and Scouting/Personnel Director Gil Brandt. His general attitude was to hire experts and let them execute the aspect of the business that fell in their expertise. Hence, Landry enjoyed absolute authority over the day to day running of the actual team; Brandt was unhindered in the area of drafting and scouting players, and Schramm oversaw many of the team’s day to day administrative concerns. This laissez-faire attitude has been credited by many Cowboys fans as the driving force in the team’s 20 consecutive winning seasons from 1966–1985. By not interfering with his coaches and staff, Murchison did not create an atmosphere of second guessing and arguments over player selection or credit for the team’s success.

In 1984, Murchison sold the Dallas Cowboys to an investment syndicate led by Bum Bright, a Dallas area businessman who had a background in banking/financial services and in oil/gas production. Bright in turn sold the Cowboys to Jerry Jones in 1989 following several losing seasons.

Cowboys and Redskins Team History

  • Texas oilman Clint Murchison Jr. bought the song rights for “Hail to the Redskins” in 1958 for $2,500.
  • The Redskins won the first meeting between the two teams 26 to 14 in Griffith Stadium. It was the only game the Redskins (1-9-2) would win that year and that year the Dallas Cowboys (0-11-1) was winless.
  • Dallas Cowboys leads the all-time regular season series 62-40-2.
  • Washington Redskins leads the all-time postseason series 2–0.
  • Cowboys DE Harvey Martin tosses a funeral wreath into Washington’s locker room after a 35-34 Cowboys win that clinched the NFC East on the last day of the 1979 season.

Source: Wikipedia

My Top 10 Reasons why I dislike the Philadelphia Eagles

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles rivalry one word always comes up and that word is “Hate”.  They hate us, We hate them. One of my twitter followers told me that hate was to harsh of a word to use so I will be the nice guy for once (evil grin on my face).  This my top ten list on why I dislike (hate) the Philadelphia Eagles.

10. DeSean Jackson: Is an arrogant little prick. Simple as that. Only if the Cowboys had a safety like Darren Woodson or a Roy Williams that would punish Jackson if he dared to come across the middle of the field.

9. Eagles fan throws up on a Dallas Cowboys fan car. Class!

8. Philadelphia Eagles fans throws snowballs at Santa Claus at an Eagles game. Its Santa Claus people.

7. January 7, 2010: Philadelphia Eagles reporter Dave Spadaro videotaped himself spitting on the Dallas Cowboys Star at Cowboys Stadium.

6. Micheal Vick: I think he is a highly overrated turnover machine. That’s putting it nicely.

5. Bounty Bowls: Eagles coach Buddy Ryan (Father of current Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan) “allegedly” placed bounties on the heads of Cowboys players Hall of Famer Troy Aikman and kicker Luis Zendejas.

4. January, 2010: A woman wearing a Troy Aikman jersey in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was slashed across the face by two men wearing Philadelphia Eagles gear.

3. A woman wearing a Tony Romo Cowboys jersey was attacked by two men wearing Eagles jerseys. One word Cowards.

2. Their Fans. What can I say about the eagles fans that has not been said already? Really?

1. October 10, 1999: Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin suffers a spinal cord injury at Veterans Stadium that would end his career. Irvin was strapped on a stretcher and carted off as the Philadelphia Eagles fans cheered.

What would you have put on your top ten list on why you hate the Philadelphia Eagles? Submit your top ten list to The best top 10 list will be posted on our blog.

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ILB Dan Connor ruled out of Sunday’s night game.


Todd Archer of reports that ILB Dan Connor has been ruled out for Sunday night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons. He injured his neck during the Cowboys 29-24 loss to the NFC East division leading New York Giants 29-24 at Cowboys Stadium last week.

This means LB Orie Lemon and newly signed ILB Ernie Sims will see more playing time against the Falcons.

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NFL Power Rankings

The ESPN Week 9 power rankings are out and surprisingly our Dallas Cowboys jumped up a spot to 14 after the stunning 29-24 loss to the New York Giants Sunday at Cowboys Stadium.

The Falcons needed until Nov. 27 to score their seventh victory last season. (Sando)
Seventh time in nine New York seasons Tom Coughlin has gone 6-2 or better in the first half. Only twice has he won at least five in the second half. (Graziano)
The Texans had a chance to relax during the bye without anyone breathing down their necks in the AFC South. (Clayton)
The 49ers held Arizona to 7 yards rushing on Monday night, the lowest total for an opponent since 1972. (Sando)
The offense is still not consistent, but fortunately for the Bears, their defense is a scoring machine. (Graziano)
Not dominant vs. Jags, but a win’s a win, and the Packers are starting to string them together. (Graziano)
Baltimore is 4-0 following bye weeks under coach John Harbaugh, including a 15-point win over Houston last year. (Hensley)
New England feels at home in England. The Patriots have scored 80 points in two trips across the pond since 2009. (Hensley)
This is what John Elway expected when he went after Peyton Manning. The Broncos are in first place in the AFC West. (Fox)
Jonathan Dwyer became the first Steeler to rush for more than 100 yards in consecutive games since Willie Parker in 2008. (Hensley)
Was Thursday a speed bump, or have the Vikes been overachieving all along? QB is still a question mark. (Graziano)
If Ryan Tannehill is sidelined, the Dolphins will turn to Matt Moore, who proved last season he can lead this team to wins. (Hensley)
The defense has hit a rough patch just as rookie QB Russell Wilson could be turning the corner. (Sando)
The defense was outstanding Sunday despite being put in impossible circumstances repeatedly. (Graziano)
The Colts can have hopes of a wild card if they beat Miami in Week 9. (Clayton)
Road trips to Green Bay and Atlanta are the Cardinals’ reward for four-game skid. (Sando)
Matthew Stafford is establishing his place among the league’s fourth-quarter assassins. (Graziano)
Changing defensive coordinators didn’t help. Could a QB change be next? Time is running out on Andy Reid. (Graziano)
The Steelers were the first to have an answer for RG3. The Skins’ defense has an answer for no one. (Graziano)
Norv Turner and Andy Reid occupy the hottest coaching seats in the league. (Fox)
The Bucs have scored at least 28 points in their past three games after failing to exceed 26 in any game last season. (Sando)
Cincinnati is looking to avoid its first four-game losing streak since 2010, when it finished 4-12. (Hensley)
The Rams have allowed 75 points in two games after allowing 56 in their previous four. (Sando)
The Raiders have won three of their past five games to remain in striking distance of Denver. (Fox)
The Jets are finding home field to be a disadvantage. They’re 2-3 at MetLife Stadium, including two losses by three touchdowns or more. (Hensley)
The Saints are allowing 9.1 yards per pass attempt with 15 touchdowns and only three interceptions. (Sando)
After saving their season with back-to-back wins, the Titans slipped into third place by losing to the Colts. (Clayton)
Defense is a big problem. In their past three losses, the Bills have given up 52, 45 and 35 points. (Hensley)
The Browns have won their past two home games and have held teams to three field goals in the past six quarters. (Hensley)
Forty-eight points over their past three games represents the second-lowest three-game stretch with Cam Newton. (Sando)
Blaine Gabbert looked better against the Packers, but now the Jaguars are hopelessly out of it. (Clayton)
Woe is Scott Pioli. He has no legitimate starting quarterback in a quarterback-driven league. That will get you beat. (Fox)


Other National NFL Power Rankings:

Chicago Sun Times: 10th 10th

Fox Sports: 15th


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Turnovers dooms Cowboys comeback attempt.

In a game where turnovers plagued the Dallas Cowboys all game their huge comeback attempt comes up short as the New York Giants held on for a 29-24 victory in Cowboys Stadium. The stunning loss drops the Cowboys to overall record of 3-4 and are currently 1-1 in their division with four NFC East games remaining.

The Cowboys defense led by nose tackle Jay Ratliff was stellar most of the game only allowing the Giants offense a total of 293 yards and 13 points (five FG’s, 1 touchdown).

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished the game with 437 yards passing with a touchdown and four interceptions he also rushed for a touchdown. Cowboys tight end Jason Witten had a record-setting  day with 18 receptions for 167 yards. Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin had nine receptions for 133 yards, and troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant chipped in with 5 receptions for 110 yards but he also had one costly fumble on a punt return.

Game Notes

  • Cowboys had a season-high six turnovers, five of them leading to New York scores.
  • Lance Dunbar had 142 yards for an average of 23.7 yards per return on kickoff returns.
  • Giants remain a perfect 4-0 in Cowboys Stadium.
  • Eli Manning was 15 for 29 for 192 yards and one interception.
  • Game attendance: 94,067

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The Dallas Cowboys announce the halftime performer for Nov 22nd game.

The Dallas Cowboys and The Salvation Army announced Tuesday that country music star Kenny Chesney will kick-off the 122nd annual Red Kettle Campaign as the halftime performer during the Thanksgiving Day Game on November 22nd.

Chesney had this to say….

“It’s an honor to be here at Cowboys Stadium again and to be a part of Thanksgiving Day, it’s been an incredible tradition that I’m really honored to be a part of. I just want to thank Charlotte and her dad and everybody for having me here.”


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Will the real Cowboys fans please stand up!

The Dallas Cowboys football team have begun a “Stand Up and Shout” campaign to encourage the Dallas Cowboys fans to get on their feet, get loud, and help the Cowboys defense get a stop during home games.

Being a life long Cowboys fan I find it sad and pathetic that it has come to this where the team has to ask its fans to get up and shout and be rowdy at the home games. That is one of the main reason I started my fan club TrueBlueNation.

Here is the “Stand Up and Shout” campaign with the email via that pleads with all Dallas Cowboys fans attending the game on Sunday to get loud on third downs when the Giants’ offense is on the field.

Dear [Season Ticket Holder],

Sunday we need every Dallas Cowboys fan to get on their feet, get loud and help the defense get a stop! Starting this week against the New York Giants, we will have a new third down graphic on the video board and we want you to get involved in the game.

When you see the video graphic playing on the video board, get on your feet and get LOUD!  Together, we can make opposing teams dread coming to Cowboys Stadium.

If we all play our part, we can help give our Dallas Cowboys a true home field advantage.

Dallas Cowboys Football Club


Will the real Dallas Cowboys fans show up for the game Sunday? Or will it be status quo?


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Round 2: Cowboys vs Giants

Dallas Cowboys      

Week 7

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Dallas Cowboys (3-3) Vs. New York Giants (5-2)

Cowboys Stadium- 3:15 CST

Series Highlights

Series Record: Dallas leads series 57-42-2

Last Meeting: Dallas won 24-17

Last Meeting in Dallas: Giants won 37-34  Dec. 11th 2011

Series Streak: The Giants have won the last five out of seven games against the Cowboys.



  • The Dallas Cowboys are 0-3 against the New York Giants at home since the opening of Cowboys Stadium.


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Home Field Disadvantage……

The Dallas Cowboys home field advantage or lack thereof is becoming quite the hot topic nationwide after the Bear fans basically turned Cowboys Stadium into a home game for the visiting Bears team last Monday night. Since opening Cowboys Stadium on September 21, 2009 the Cowboys are a lackadaisical 14 and 12 with a .538 winning percentage. 

A lot of Cowboys fans in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area seem to think Cowboys Stadium is becoming more of a tourist attraction than a football stadium but is that Jerry’s fault or is that the fault of the fans attending the Cowboys home games?

NFL Hall of Fame and Cowboys Ring of Honor Member Troy Aikman had some choice words for the Dallas/Ft.Worth sports fans.

“I’ve always said Dallas isn’t so much a sports town as it is a winner’s town,” Aikman told KTCK-AM “The Ticket”.  And that’s not that unique. Most towns are like that. There are very few towns like Chicago where you can go out there and go 4-12 and they’re still selling out stadiums. That’s pretty unique. But Dallas, they pull for their winners.”

Aikman also added……..

“I don’t think Dallas has ever really had a great home field advantage,” he said. “… I think for a large part — and the fans don’t want to hear this — a lot of the people that attend sports in this town, they’re there because it’s kind of just a place to be seen,” he said. “I didn’t know anybody who went to Rangers games, and then when they started winning and going to World Series, everybody’s wearing Rangers hats and saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a big Rangers fan.”

In my opinion I agree with Troy a 100 percent. Going to a Cowboys game now at Cowboys Stadium is more like a high-class social event rather than a football game. I have been to high school games in the area that was louder and the crowd was more into the action on the field……Ouch!!!!

Do you agree with Troy Aikman statements about the Dallas/Ft.Worth area being just a winner’s town? And if you do how can we as a fan base fix this issue?

Source: Dallas Morning News

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Bears bully Cowboys in Monday Night rout

The Chicago Bears (3-1) rout the Dallas Cowboys (2-2) on Monday Night Football in front of millions at Cowboys Stadium 34-18. The Cowboys turned the ball over five times which the Bears turned two of those turnovers into touchdowns. The Bears won the last meeting 27-20, at Cowboys Stadium in 2010 which extends their winning streak to two.

Never in short of words Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had this to say….

“We met a Chicago team that made big plays with the ball, They took care of the ball. They made plays with the ball. We didn’t. We got beat soundly. That’s all there is to it. I’m very disappointed to get beat at home in front of our fans. We thought a lot was at stake here. We got a long way to go.”

Next up for the Cowboys will be the Baltimore Ravens October 14  12PM CST at M&T Bank Stadium.

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