Tom Brady Out Versus Cowboys Week 5 Is It Good or Bad?

As many of you know the NFL came down hard on Quarterback Tom Brady on Monday with a 4 game suspension along with taking away a 1st (2016) and 4th (2017) round draft pick with a fine of 1 million.

I’m not here to say if it was too much or too little, this was a statement made by the NFL to the league and it’s fans that cheating will not be tolerated, even if there is no definitive evidence.

There are plenty of Cowboys fans out there calling for more than 4 games, which kind of boggles me. Put your self on the other side, if Tony Romo was in this situation are you calling for 8 games? No, you’re not and don’t try to tell me you are. You’re okay with 8 games with Weeden on top of losing those draft picks? Let’s face it, the million dollars is chump change to any pro team, especially the Cowboys so the headline remains with the suspended games and draft picks. As a Cowboys fan you would be furious. That being said cheating is unacceptable  in any sport no matter the degree of the cheating.

I’m simply playing devils advocate here,  if it was Tony what is your reaction? Has it changed? Would you be okay with 8 games?

It is human nature to stick up for your team under certain circumstances, I get that. Patriots fans are doing that now, even though the nation knows the team and Brady has and have cheated. They just got caught this time.

Regardless, depending on an appeal the Patriots do not get Brady back until AFTER they play the Cowboys as they have “bye” week in Week 4 prompting Brady’s last suspended game to be week 5 vs the Cowboys.

Will the sentence be reduced? Maybe so, I’m not sure.

But how do you feel about this? Would you rather play with Brady in?

Many fans say if we actually want to prove ourselves then yes, because then if we beat the patriots all year-long you hear ” Ya, the Cowboys beat the patriots but it was without Brady”.

On the other end, we need to post as many wins during the regular season as possible and let’s face it, we have plenty of elite QB’s to face this year so if we can knock one of those out who’s not okay with this?  Jimmy Garoppolo will be looking to start that game against the Cowboys and it could be a solid match up between Eastern Illinois quarterbacks.

Garoppolo even broke Tony’s career passing and touchdown records while he was there. So don’t think this guy will be a push over.

This Cowboys team won’t take a break from anything, they will plan for the best and have an action plan. They will get to see Garoppolo in three games before he faces off with the Cowboys so they will be ready for him or Brady. Doesn’t matter to this coaching staff.

Also, don’t forget what Colt McCoy did to the Cowboys last near…

So, to top it off, if it is Brady or not there should be no game that is considered to be a push over but it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Like Tony said “We’re the Dallas Cowboys, we have real balls.”

Take it, leave it , throw it back at me.


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New England signs Jesse Holley

The New England Patriots have signed former Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley.

Holley was primarily a special teams player for the Cowboys, mostly known for winning Michael Irvin’s reality show 4th and Long on Spike TV earning him a shot to go to training camp with the Cowboys in 2009. Holley spent that year on the practice squad, and he earned time running down kicks in 2010.

Holley caught seven passes for 169 yards last season for the Dallas Cowboys.