Cowboys Players Bryant and Scandrick To Miss Voluntary Workouts

Dallas Cowboys started their team voluntary offseason workout program yesterday and two noticeable players were absent at Valley Ranch.

Pro Bowl receiver Dez Bryant and star cornerback Orlando Scandrick

Cowboys fans don’t worry yet because these practices are voluntary and I do stress voluntary.


The Carr/Claiborne Conundrum


With the NFL becoming more and more of a passing league, the cornerback position is also becoming more and more crucial. Not every team has a Joe Haden, Darrell Revis, or Richard Sherman.

Our Dallas Cowboys are dealing with a bit of a conundrum at the position. Orlando Scandrick was drafted in the 5th round back in 2008. He fought for the starting job, kept it, and earned himself a well deserved contract and pro bowl appearances. Tyler Patmon went undrafted in 2014, showed his talent in training camp, and beat out B.W. Webb for a roster spot. If we could have another Scandrick and Patmon we would be strong at the position, but we currently have a Carr and a Claiborne.

Brandon Carr was a big free agency acquisition for the Cowboys in 2012. The team needed a corner, and after Cortland Finnegan signed a $50 million deal that year with the St. Louis Rams, the Cowboys’ hand was forced. In order to land the only other viable corner on the market at the time, Dallas had to match that price, giving Carr essentially the same deal. That same year, Dallas traded up in the draft to take Claiborne 6th overall. Both corners were huge gambles that have yet to pay off.

Morris Claiborne falls under the much dreaded label of “injury prone”. He has yet to play a full season. In his three season with Dallas, he has only managed 72 total tackles and 3 interceptions. In that same time frame, Scandrick notched 125 total tackles and 4 interceptions. Claiborne has not played like a 1st round talent, and the front office must not see the potential since they have yet to pick up his 5th year option. This is literally his last chance to prove himself, which can work as a motivator for some players (i.e. Mark Ingram), but his health still remains a question mark.

Brandon Carr is due to make $8 million this season. We have a better chance of season DeMarco Murray traded back to the Cowboys on draft day than seeing Brandon Carr make that kind of money in 2015. His agent says he won’t take a pay cut, but he will and he should. Carr was a force with the Kansas City Chiefs, but that production hasn’t translated in Dallas. In his final three seasons in Kansas City, Carr defended 59 passes, yet in his three seasons in Dallas he only managed to break up 30. He showed what he can do in our playoff win, keeping Calvin Johnson under 100 yards and out of the end zone. However, there is a lack of consistency with Carr, and his contract demands better production.

What can the Cowboys do with Carr and Claiborne? At this point, nothing really. They will have to look in the draft and bring in bodies to compete, and make decisions on the best players playing. We do have a huge problem on our hands, and that problem is currently Odell Beckham, Jr. He had his way with Brandon Carr in 2014 (I was at the game in MetLife for “the catch” – it was truly incredible). With all the free agency scheming going on in Philadelphia and the Redskins also being a mess, the Giants are quietly our biggest threat to take the NFC East Championship crown from us. If Victor Cruz returns to form and remains healthy, Orlando Scandrick will take that assignment and has proven he can handle Cruz in the slot. Someone is going to have to cover Beckham, Jr. DeSean Jackson and Jordan Matthews need to be considered as well.

Here in lies the conundrum. Free agency is all but over, and it’s assumed the Cowboys will attempt to replace DeMarco Murray early in the draft. We need a corner who can take on that opposing #1 receiver in 2015. Will we draft a corner? In what round? Who will it be?

Dallas Cowboys Cap Crunch

Dallas Cowboys Star

The Dallas Cowboys are currently $20 million over the cap and will need to restructure contracts with several players to get under the 2013 salary cap.

Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said that it is “not necessarily” for the Dallas Cowboys to have a contract extension done for quarterback Tony Romo in order for the team to get under the salary cap.

Tony Romo 1

Below is the salary cap break down for each player I think the Dallas Cowboys should restructure.

1. Doug Free

Base Salary: 7,000,000       Signing Bonus: 2,060,000

Bonus: 960,000                   Dead Money: 10,020,000

Cap Figure: 10,020,000

2. Brandon Carr

Base Salary: 14,300,000       Signing Bonus: 2,000,000

Dead Money: 22,300,000 

Cap Figure: 16,300,000

3. Jason Hatcher

Base Salary: 2,000,000       Signing Bonus: 600,000

Dead Money: 600,000 

Cap Figure: 2,600,000

4. Nate Livings

Base Salary: 1,700,000       Signing Bonus: 700,000

Dead Money: 4,500,000 

Cap Figure: 2,400,000

5. Kyle Orton

Base Salary: 1,350,000       Signing Bonus: 1,000,000

Dead Money: 4,000,000

Cap Figure: 2,350,000

6. Orlando Scandrick

Base Salary: 2,000,000       Signing Bonus: 600,000

Bonus: 1,180,000                 Dead Money: 6,520,000

Cap Figure: 3,780,000

7. DeMarcus Ware

Base Salary: 5,500,000       Signing Bonus: 5,302,000

Bonus: 1,418,750                 Dead Money: 10,663,943

Cap Figure: 12,220,750

8. Miles Austin

Base Salary: 6,732,000       Signing Bonus: 1,570,000

Dead Money: 4,713,000 

Cap Figure: 8,302,000

9. Jason Witten

Base Salary: 5,500,000       Signing Bonus: 2,500,000

Dead Money: 7,500,000

Cap Figure: 8,000,000

10. Jay Ratliff

Base Salary: 5,000,000       Signing Bonus: 2,000,000

Dead Money: 10,000,000 

Cap Figure: 7,000,000


Dez Bryant could be done for the season; seeking a second opinion

Dez Bryant 1

Richie Whitt of 105.3 the fan first reported that Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant had torn ligaments in his finger and will have season-ending surgery, and would be placed on injured reserve.

It is now being reported that Dez Bryant has a fractured left index finger that could require surgery. Bryant is the Cowboys leading receiver with 1,028 yards, nine touchdowns, and 75 receptions.

Bryant hurt the finger in the 4th quarter of the Cowboys emotional 20-19 win against the Bengals. He missed five plays then returned one play before his touchdown catch.

The Cowboys hope Bryant can avoid season-ending surgery. He is scheduled to visit a hand specialist to get a second opinion.

CB Orlando Scandrick out 6-8 weeks after having hand surgery

Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas.con reports that Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick will be out 6-8 weeks after having surgery on his left hand.

Scandrick also said he’s got a bone bruise and sprained ligaments in his wrist. With five weeks remaining in the regular season, the Cowboys elected not to place Scandrick on injured reserve in the hope he could return for any potential postseason games.

Source: ESPN Dallas

Cowboys release cornerback LeQuan Lewis

The Dallas Cowboys release cornerback LeQuan Lewis. Lewis was signed by the Cowboys on Sept. 12 a day after he was released from the New York Jets practice squad. He played in three games, recording one tackle as a Cowboy.

With the release of Lewis this brings the team’s roster to 52 players heading into their bye week.  Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr, Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick are the corners on currently on the roster. (ESPNDallas.Com)

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