Dallas Cowboys Pre Season Game 1- Things to watch for

Howdy ya’ll!!

What a crazy off season it has been for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans! Forget everyone else but we certainly did a lot of work to discuss needs and came out looking pretty good.

The only big question that remains, the elephant in the room … is how will we be at Running Back?

Well we won’t find out much to answer that question in the first preseason game against the Chargers as the top three running backs will not be playing.

We will get to look at the kid from Stephen F. Austin university Gus Johnson who is a “bowling ball” type of runner as insider Mike Fisher describes him.

This is a guy that could break out of his shell and show some really special things or he could crash and burn and be lucky to even make the practice squad. He will get a good amount carries tonight so lets watch and see if he can produce anything worth while.

I am very excited to see what our starters on defense can do , we know Greg Hardy is planning to “ease” his way back into football so who knows how many plays he will get in but it’ll be interesting to see how this D-Line upgrade has worked out for us.

I’m also very interested to see what Byron Jones has in store for us , if the D-Line can hold up to make our D-Backs look better we could see some special moments throughout the entire defense.

A player that has got a lot of attention is rookie WR Lucky Whitehead, the staff and writers have been all over this kid and they believe he can be a very special player .. we have a solid number of young rookies and he could be the standout among them all but Randy Gregory , La’el Collins and Byron Jones may have something to say to that.

This first preseason game is not about the score board, technically. There will be game time situations that cause the score board to become important but we want to see the talent on the field and what can happen, don’t get butt-hurt if the Cowboys lose but we want to come away feeling confident in the additions and off-season work that this entire staff and team has put in.

Don’t forget, after last years first preseason game those crazies at ESPN were calling the Cowboys the  worst team in the NFC.

We also didn’t win a preseason game last year and still did pretty well.  I’ve been waiting for this since Dez caught it, and it’s here.

Take it, leave it… or throw it back at me.

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